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Ancestors and Descendents of James Jackson Jr and Mary Fitz Randolph Ella F Morris & unknown Dillon Clarence W Jackson & Tillie unknown Moses Turner Jackson & Emma Riker Mary H Jackson Reuel H Jackson & Margaret A unknown Nancy Titchenel Jemima Jackson Mary Elizabeth Morris & Unknown Barker Eleazer Jackson & Elizabeth A Seaman Andrew Frederick Jackson Ellen F Jackson unnamed household member James Ross Andrew Jackson & Jemima unknown Phebe Jackson & Daniel Lamson Katherine M Jackson unnamed Jacksonn Household member Maria Jackson Katherine Jackson Charles Jackson Mary E Jackson Sarah Ross & William Ford Pauline Jackson Phineas Jackson Rhoda Jackson & unknown Hadden Walter Jackson Jane Lamson & Charles Thompson Chloe H Jackson Sophia Jackson & James F Moore Mary Anna Jackson John Jackson & Chloe Hathaway Patriot Jackson Ross Catherine Ross & Nathaniel Martin Jessie O Jackson Samuel Augustus Morris & Julia Etta Scott unnamed Jackson household member James Frederick Jackson Unnamed jackson household member Catherine P Morris Carmault Benjamin Jackson & Mabel Robbins Anna Bell Morris Georgiana Jackson & unknown Jacobson Andrew Jackson Jr Mary Jackson Evia Jackson Richard Ross Benjamin Jackson unnamed Jackson household member Mary Fitz Randolph & Jeremiah Manning unnamed household member unnamed Jackson household member unnamed Jackson household member Mary Ross Charles Jackson & Nora Jane Rafferty unnamed household member unnamed household member Bertha Morris unnamed household member John T Jackson & Rachel Ann unknown James Morris Jr & Lulu L unknown John Ross Sarah Jackson & Patriot Captain John Ross Thomas Jackson Reuel H Jackson & Elizabeth Jackson unnamed household member Stephen Jackson Clarissa Jackson Maria Jackson David Jackson Elizabeth Jackson John Jackson Prudence Jackson Charles Jackson & Comfort Conrad Daniel N Jackson Clarissa Jackson unnamed Jackson household member unnamed Jackson household member unnamed Jackson household member John Jackson & Louisa unknown Benjamin Jackson Mary Jackson Martha Jackson Jesse Jackson and Unknown Turner? Mary Fitz Randolph & Ebeneezer Ford Mary Fitz Randolph & Edward Griffith Patriot Charles Jackson & Mary Fitz Randolph Franklin D Morris unnamed Lamson household member unnamed Lamson household member Martha Lamson & Jacob Kontz John C Lamson & Esther Ayres George Lamson Marcus Lamson Alfred Lamson & Sophia Ann Cooper George W B Jackson & Annie E unknown William H Jackson James Jackon & Mary Abigail Jackson & James Morris Margaret Ross Patriot John Jackson John Jackson & unknown Charles Lamson & Nancy Chrystal Charles Jackson & Margaret Moore William M Jackson Evangeline Jackson John A Jackson & unknown Jesse Britton Jackson Sophia Jackson & John W Lewis John W Jackson & Katherine unknown Margaret Jackson & Moses Titchenel Harry Herbert Morris & Laura Sprout Mary Fitz Randolph & William Thorne Mary Fitz Randolph & William Thorne William Thorne & Margaret Smith Edward Thorne Thomas Thorne Joseph Thorne aka Joseph Jackson Katherine Thorne & unknown Jones James Jackson & Mary Fitz Randolph James Jackson & Sarah Thorne Thomas Jackson & Mary Townsend Phebe Jackson & Isaac Seaman Mary Jackson Sarah Jackson Rebecca Jackson John Jackson & Sarah Doty Elizabeth Jackson & Joseph Shotwell III Mary Jackson & Abraham Shotwell Joseph Jackson John Jackson & Phoebe Thompson Sarah Jackson Phebe Jackson & Abraham Smith Jemima Jackson Rebecca Jackson Hannah Jackson & Taylor Webster James Jackson & Abigail Fairchild Hannah Jackson William Jackson & Prudence Smith James Jackson Phebe Jackson & David Vail Martha Jackson Colonel Joseph Jackson & Annie unknown Colonel Joseph Jackson & Mary unknown Richard Jackson & Mary Townsend Phebe Jackson & Edward Fitz Randolph Robert Jackson & Joanna unknown Jemima Jackson & unknown Hicks Samuel Jackson & Sarah Carpenter Stephen Jackson & Mary Lewis Benjamin Jackson & Mary Lively Rushing Charity Jackson Elizabeth Jackson Isabella Jackson & Joseph Dunham James Jackson and Rebecca Hallett John Jackson & Elizabeth Hallett Elizabeth Hallett & Charles Doughty Martha Jackson & Peter Titus Mary Jackson & Jeremiah Scott Sarah Jackson & Joshua Barnes Samuel jackson & Ruth Smith Samuel Jackson & Abigail Seaman Hannah Jackson & Richard Seaman William Hallett Sarah Hallett Joseph Hallett Moses Hallett George Hallett Charity Hallett Mary Hallett Elizabeth Hallett Richard Hallett William Hallett & Sarah Woolsey William Hallett & Sarah unknown William Hallett & Mary unknown Samuel Hallett Elizabeth Hallett & John Jackson John Jackson & Elizabeth Seaman Mary Jackson & John Feris Samuel Jackson Martha Jackson Robert Jackson & unknown Robert Jackson & Agnes unknown Robert Jackson & unknown Washburne Sarah Jackson & Sarah Moore unknown Jackson John Jackson Moore John Jackson John Seaman & Elizabeth unknown John Seaman & Martha Moore Thomas Seaman & Mary unknown William Hallett & Elizabeth Fones William Hallett & Susannah Booth William Hallett & Rebecca Bailey Elizabeth Fones & Robert Feake Elizabeth Fones & Henry Winthrop Martha Johannah Winthrop Alice Hallett Elizabeth Hallett Susannah Hallett Richard Hallett Richard Hallett Christian Hallett William Hallett Robert Hallett William Hallett & Elizabeth Phippin Hannah Hallett Anne Winthrop & Thomas Fones Anne Winthrop John Winthrop & Margaret Tyndal John Winthrop & Mary Forth Jane Winthrop Lucy Winthrop Mary Winthrop Forth Winthrop John Winthrop Mary Winthrop Adam Winthrop & Anne Browne Adam Winthrop & Alice Still Harry Browne & Agnes unknown Adam Winthrop & Agnes Sharpe Adam Winthrop & Joane Burton Joris Woolsey Rebecca Woolsey Joannes Woolsey Marretie Woolsey William Woolsey Maritje Woolsey George Woolsey & Rebecca Hallett John Woolsey Robert Woolsey Frances Woolsey George Woolsey & Francis Roberts Thomas Cornell Sarah Cornell Ann Cornell Richard Cornell John Cornell Joshua Cornell Elizabeth Cornell Samuel Cornell Thomas Cornell & Rebecca Briggs Dunham of Woodbridge, New Jersey Elm Tree Tavern of Woodbridge, NJ John Seaman & Anne Hicks Fitz Randolph of Nottingham & New Jersey Fitz Randolph of Nottingham & New Jersey Fitz Randolph of Nottingham & New Jersey read about the Jackson Tree Fractured Branch and help find more Jacksons in NJ of the Long Island & Woodbridge line read about the Jackson Tree Fractured Branch and help find more Jacksons in NJ of the Long Island & Woodbridge line read about the Jackson Tree Fractured Branch and help find more Jacksons in NJ of the Long Island & Woodbridge line tavern rates in 1748 Middlesex County, NJ
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