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Ancestors and Descendents of Swane Waldershelf
More of More Hall, West Yorkshire Wilson of West Yorkshire, London and Jamaica Sir Henri de Ferriéres & Bertha L'Aingle William de Ferriéres Ingulphus de Ferriéres Lord Robert de Ferriéres & Hawise de Vitre Amicia de Ferriéres & Nigel d'Aubigny Lord Walkeline de Ferriéres go to Tutbury Castle Ghosts at Tutbury Castle - there's a tour Lord Robert Fitz Walkeline Lord Walchelin de Ferriéres Demise by Ralph s/o Swane de Waldershelf, and wife, Matilda, witnessed by Ralph's brother, Helya, and son, Willelmo @ Radbourne Hall phot at The Great Hall of Oakham Castle famous for its display of royal horseshoes Lord Henri de Ferriéres Lord Henry de Ferriéres Lord Hugh de Ferriéres of Oakham Castle Lady Isabella de Ferriéres & Roger de Mortimer William de Ferriéres Lord Robert de Ferriéres Matilda de Ferriéres Lord William de Ferriéres & Margaret Peveril Lord William de Ferriéres & Agnes de Kevelioc Sibyl de Ferriéres Thomas de Ferriéres Sir Henry de Ferriéres Robert de Ferriéres Hugh de Ferriéres Lord William de Ferriéres & Sibyl Marshall Lord William de Ferriéres & Margaret de Quincy Swane de Waldershelf Robert Fitz Walkeline Ermintrude Fitz Walkeline & William de Stafford Margaret Fitz Walkeline & John de Chandos William de Waldershelf Ralph de Mora Elias de Waldershelf Sir Ralph de Waldershelf Sir Ylian de Waldershelf & Matilda de Langby William de Waldershelf Ralf de Aula of Waldershelf & Sister Beatrice Waldeshef William de Waldershelf Magotæ de Waldeshef & William de Hampton Master William de Waldershelf John de Hunshelf & de Waldershelf William de Hunshelf & Agnes John Wison & Alice Geoffrey de Waldershelf Henry de Waldeshef lease & quitclaim by William & Ylienus de Waldershelf witnessed by William's brother, Ralph @ UK National Archives Hospitaller profession ring with the 8-pointed star or cross Peveril Castle of the Peak Forest Thomas Waldershaue Sir Roger de Waldeshef The Slebech Commandery & Church in Pembrokeshire The Church of Slebech Church of St John the baptist in Slebech Ralph Waldeshef Sir William Waldeshef Knights Hospitaller of the Crusades Hospitaller Dame and Sister Saer de Waldeshef Dingley Manor of Northamptonshire Roger de Waldeshef Adam Waldeshef Ralph Waldeshef Richard Waldeshef Gosselin Waldeshef Ralph Waldeshef Constable Richard Walteshelf during the Rising in East Anglia 1607 map of Huntingdonshire Church of St. Lawrence in Diddington displaying the Waldeshef shield of 3 swords Richard de Waldeshef, Esquire to Henry III, & Joan, widow of Eustace son of Thomas Richard de Waldeshef, Esquire to Henry III, & Maude, widow of Simon de Cryoll Lord Alan de Waldeshef & Lucy de Okeover Lord Alan de Waldeshef & Avelina William de Waldeshef William de Waldeshef & Margery Nicholas Waldeshef & Marjory William Waldeshef Sir John Waldeshef Knights Teutonic, Templar and Hospitaler Emma Waldeshef Robert de Waldeshef John Waldeshef Robert Waldeshef & Joan Isabella Waldeshef Marjorie Waldeshef Sir Ralph de Shirley & Margaret de Waldeshef Edmund Waldeshef view of Castleton and the Hope Valley from Peveril Castle of the Peak view of Castleton from Peveril Castle Richard II meets the rebels during the Rising in East Anglia John Ball encourages the rebels The Rising in East Anglia of 1381 1673 map of Derbyshire Juliana Waldeshef & Richard de Gloucester Elizabeth Waldeshef Isabella Waldeshef Walter de Waldeshef, Cupbearer to Edward II, & Joanna de Basinge Johana de Waldeshef Robert de Waldeshef & unknown spouse John Waldeshef Robert Waldeshef Alicia Waldeshef & Walter Grimbard, Michael Coleville, Richard Bagley & Richard Hennington John Waldeshef Thomas Waldeshef William Waldeshef John Waldeshef William Waldeshef Robert Waldeshef Robert Waldeshef John Waldeshef & Joan John Waldeshef John Waldeshef Radnage Church of St Mary the Virgin John de Waldeshef Edward III helps shire clerk Robert de Waldeshef receive care at the lepers' hospital of St. Margaret in Huntingdon town. Boylestone Church of St. John the Baptist Boylestone Church of St. John the Baptist Wat Tyler killed by the mayor of London Entrance to Chateau L'Aigle shield of Robert de Wadsley of Loxley Chase circa 1200 (aka Robin Hood?) de Waldeshef, Knights Hospitaller, Richard the Lionhert and Robin Hood connected the family Waldeshef and variations of the name descended from Ferrers of Derby and Normandy Sir Thomas Shirley Waldeshef crest in Fairbanks' Book of Crests
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