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Ancestors and Descendents of Henry Wilson and Amanda Dunham Henry R Wilson & Amanda T Dunham Oscar Wilson's WW II registration card Painting of the Uss Kearsarge in the US Naval Academy Museum collection Joseph Dunham & Elizabeth Unknown James Dunham & Elizabeth Freeman Mary Ann Wilson Charlotte Wilson Ida M Wilson's 1906 diploma as the first graduate of the Perth Amboy General Hospital School of Nursing Alfred Wilson's WW I registration card George W Dunham & Matilda A Unknown James Morris & Abigail Jackson Edward Wilson & Ann Unknown Elias Dunham & Unknown Wife John Peterson & Amanda Wilson Sarah Caroline Wilson Elizabeth Wilson Henry T Wilson & Elizabeth Nelson Charles Wilson & Elizabeth Gilman George Wilson 1880 household of Henry R & Amanda T (Dunham) Wilson Unknown Dunham? member of household Joseph Dunham & Isabella Jackson Charles Wilson Fred Long & Jane C Dunham Joseph Dunham & Isabella Jackson Harry R Wilson Sr's Great Grand Mother Jackson or Dunham Charlotte Wilson Isaac I Dunham & Annie Laurie Jackson David J Dunham & Ellen Hogan Harry R Wilson Passport Joseph Jackson & Isabella Jackson William Cosgrove & Evangeline Wilson USS Kearsarge's crew at their battle stations, shortly after her June 1864 action with CSS Alabama. Dunham family line Andrew Jackson & Jemima Unknown John T Jackson & Rachel Ann Unknown Harry R Wilson & Frances Venable Venables Family Tree Mulford Dunham & Amanda Wilson Oscar Wilson's WW I registration card Henry R Wilson death certificate Ida May Wilson 1910 househo;d of Henry R & Frances (Venable) Wilson Arthur Wilson's WW II registration card William Wilson's WW I registration card Alllen Wilson's WW I registration card Henry R Wilson & Amanda T Dunham Jesse Jackson & Unknown Turner? Alfred Wilson & Rose Aggihoffer HR Wilson Sr's Great grandmother with golden retriever. Jackson Family Tree Oscar Wilson & Madeline Gerns Moses T Jackson & Emma Unknown Arthur Leroy Wilson & Edna Gerns Edward Wilson & Sarah Unknown Henry Wilson Andrew Jackson Dunham Harry Sr. WWI Draft Card Harry R Wilson obituary 1910 househo;d of Henry R & Frances (Venable) Wilson Henry & Amanda Wilson with daughters Elisha Dunham & Unknown Campbell family visit to the Cosgrove farm Bennett's History of Bandon link to Wilson of Broomhead Hall family tree Edward Wilson & Mary Unknown Joseph Wilson Edward Wilson died young John Wilson Robert Luke Wilson Sarah Wilson Edward Wilson & Jane Gower closeup of baptismal font depicting Noah's Ark posted on Flickr full view of front of baptismal font with Tree of Knowledge embraced by Adam and Eve and the snake posted on Flickr exterior view of entrance of St. James Church link to the history of the St. James Church, Piccadilly interior view of St. James Church posted at Wkipedia link to hi-res copy of this wall-sized tree chart 3.5 ft high by 8 ft wide; 17MB William Wilson & Laura Grube Robert Wilson & Mary Keays Allan Wilson & Sybilla Fitting John Wilson & Emilie Meade Harry Wilson & Marion Barth Helen Wilson Willard Dunham & Augusta Eggertson Clifford Dunham & Marion Peterson Pete Peterson Edward Triggs & Clara Peterson Lillian Wilson Arthur Wilson Eva Wilson Bessie Wilson Frances Wilson Amanda Wilson Mable Cosgrove & Unknown Oaks Joseph Cosgrove Elizabeth Cosgrove Ardenia Cosgrove Dorothy Cosgrove Elsie Cosgrove Janette Cosgrove Ethel Wilson & Unknown Stever Ida Wilson & Harold MacCallen Chester Wilson Henry Wilson & Hannah Dawson
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