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Descendents of Gilbert de Venables Mary Venables Henry Venables Martha Venables Elizabeth Venables William Venables James Venables George Venables William Venables & Hannah Nicklin Hannah Venables John Venables & Hannah Venables Venable of Massachusetts & New Jersey George Venables & Mary Moss Robert Venables Hannah Venables Charlotte Venables Robert Venables Robert Venables & Abigail Jones George Venables John Venables Thomas Venables Charles Venables Jane Venables Robert Venables & Catherine Joseph Venables Thomas Venables John Venables & Sarah Williams Robert Venables Joseph Venables & Anne Rice Mary Venables John Venables Alice Venables Robert Venables & Anne Edge Isaack Venables John Venables John Venables John Venables Piers Venables Elizabeth Venables Thomas Venables & Margery Stanley Mary Venables William Venables Margaret Venables William Venables Sir Thomas Venables & Matilda Nedham Robert Venables Hugh Venables Henry Venables Catherine Venables Thomas Venables Elizabeth Egerton William Venables & Margaret Bryan Catherine Grosvenor Elizabeth Venables John Venables Peter Venables & Mary Wilbraham Lord Robert Ferrers & Catherine Venables Lord Montague Norreys & Anne Venables John Venables & Esther Sheppe Vere Egerton John Venables Cecelia Venables Charles Venables Peter Venables Mary Egerton Sir Thomas Venables & Anne Cotton Sir Thomas Venables & Elizabeth Brereton Peter Venables & Frances Cholmondeley Peter Venables Sir William Venables & Eleanor Cotton Mary Venables Sir Thomas Egerton & Elizabeth Venables Peter Venables & Frances Cholmondeley Roger Venables Sir William Venables & Petronilla Caverswall William Venables Anthony Venables & Anne Brereton Thomas Venables & Katherine Venables William Venables & Thomasin Rye Thomas Venables Thomas Venables & Cicely Stanley Legend of the Moston Dragon from The Battle Abbey Roll Gilbert de Venables status explained in The Battle Abbey Roll seals of the early House of Venables from The Battle Abbey Roll Norman roots of Gislebertus Venator described in The Ballte Abbey Roll Possessions of Gilbert de Venables listed in the Domesday book described Court of Hugh Lupus from Ormerod's History of Chester Ballad of the Dragon of Moston ilustration based on the Dragon of Moston legend Adlington Hall of the family Legh - link to Wikipedia article Isabel Venables & Geoffrey Shakely William Venables & Blanche Sir Richard Venables & Isabel Langton Hugh Venables Henry Venables Jonet Venables Hugh Venables Richard Venables Richard Cotton & Joane Venables Adam Bostock & Elizabeth Venables Sir Hugh Venables & Elizabeth Troutbeck Margery Venables & Richard Bulkeley Margery Venables & Randle Mainwaring Thomas Venables Hugh Venables & Margery Cotton Hugh Venables & Ellena de Brooke William Venables Richard Venables Roger Venables & Elizabeth Golborne Thomas Venables Sir Thomas Latham & Joane Venables Sir Richard de Venables & Joane Fitton Jenkin Venables Thomas Venables Robert Venables Peter Venables Robert Venables Thomas Venables & Margaret Clayton Peter Venables Robert Venables & Eleanor Mainwaring Richard Woodfin & Emma Venables Rafe Mainwaring & Margaret Venables Elizabeth Venables Sir William Venables & Jane Massey Sir Edmond Trafford & Alice Venables Sir Robert del Booth & Dulcia Venables Sir Richard de Venables Sir Hugh Venables & Katherine Houghton Sir Hugh Venables & Elizabeth Mobberley William Venables William Venables Reginald Venables Roger Venables John Venables Williamm Venables Thomas Venables Ellen Venables Isabel Venables Anilla Venables Elizabeth Venables Williamm Venables Hugh Venables Thomas Venables Hugh Venables & Jane Page Peter Venables Roger Venables John Venables & Mary Leigh Thomas Venables & Katherine Venables John Venables Ellyn Venables Richard Venables & Elizabeth Massey William Venables & Anne Beer John Venables Isabel Venables George Venables & Margery Chamberlyn Sarah Venables George Venables Thomas Venables Anne Venables Elizabeth Venables Francis Venables Dorothy Venables Rafe Venables Sir Hugh Venables & Agatha Vernon Sir William Venables & Agnes de Legh Robert Legh John de Legh Sir William Venables & Katherine de St. Pierre William Venables HUgh Venables Jane Venables Ellen Venables Sir William Venables & Margaret Dutton Sir William Venables & Unknown wife Cecilia Venables Roesia Venables & Alexander de Bamville Sir Roger de Venables & Alicia de Peninton Elizabeth Venables Beatrix Venables Roger Venables Sir Hugh Venables & Agnes de Oxton Sir Hugh Venables & Wentillian William Venables Hamon Venables Robert Venables Sir Phillip Bamville & Beatrice Venables Sir Richard Wilburham Robert Crosslegh & Beatrice Venables Sir William Venables Maud Venables & Ralph Fitz Roger Maud Venables & Hugh de Brexis Hamon Venables Gilbert Venables Michael Venables R. Venables Hugh Venables Anabilia Venables & Richard de Davenport Lord Gilbert Venables & Margery Fitz Woltfric Unidentified de Venables Lord Gilbert de Venables
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