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Ancestors and Descendents of John Wilson and Margaret More
John Wilson & Margaret More John Wilson & Margaret More Ralph Wilson Reginald Wilson Christopher Wilson & Ellen Unknown Joan Wilson Richard Stubbe & Agnes Wilson go to Wilson of London, England and America The Dragon of Wantley @ Wikipedia Thomas More Sir Thomas Wortley Ralph More Thomas More & Margaret Unknown George More & Margaret Anne Unknown link to higher resolution wall tree chart 6.5 ft high by 10 ft wide; 20MB download John Wilson Isabella Wilson William Wilson John Wilson William Wilson Thomas Wilson John Wilson John Wilson & Alice William de Hunshelf & Agnes William John de Hunshelf and de Waldershelf John de More & Alice Walden Thomas Walden John del More Thomas del More Alice del More Sir Nicholas Wortley & Elizabeth de Wannerville Adam de Mora & Breda John de More & Emma Sir Nicholas de Wortley & Sibilla Margaret de Mora Sir Nicholas Wortley & Elizabeth Waterton Hugh de Brightholmley Adam de Mora of Ughill Sir Henri de Ferrières & Bertha de L' Aigle William de Waldershelf Ylian de Waldershelf & Matilda Unknown Ralph de Waldershelf Walkeline of Radbourne William de Waldershelf More of More Hall, Bolsterstone Wilson of Broomhead Hall, Bradfield from The Early History of Stocksbridge District p26 Original grant of Broomhead Hall Knights Hospitaller of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem Hospitaller profession ring with the 8-pointed star or cross lease & quitclaim by William & Ylienus de Waldershelf witnessed by William's brother, Ralph @ UK National Archives John More & Margaret Wortley Nicholas Wortley & Isabel Tustalll Sir Nicholas de Wortley & Unknown de Horbury Cicely de Mora Sir Nicholas Wortley & Katherine Lizours Thomas de More John Wortley & Elizabeth de la Hay Thomas de More & Joan de Brightholmley Sir Nicholas Wortley & Lucy Nicholas de Wortley & Joan Musard Sir Nicholas de Wortley & Isabel Heron Sir Nicholas de Wortley & Dionysia de Newmarch Nicholas de Wortley History of Wortley Hall William de More John de More Adam de More Thomas W Wilson Elizabeth Wilson Ellen Wilson Edward Wilson Arthur Wilson John Wilson Christopher Wilson Francis Wilson Edward Greyve & Elizabeth Wilson John Crossland & Ellen Wilson Thomas Barber & Jane Wilson Christopher Wilson & Elizabeth Hattersley Richard Wilson & Agnes Charlesforth Thomas Wilson Charles Wilson Lawrence Smith Thomas Wilson & Katherina Smith Margaret Wilson Thomas Wilson Francis Wilson & Elizabeth Greene Elizabeth Greene William Greene John Wilson & Mary Wilson William Wilson & Mary Burley Joseph Shemeld & Alice Burley John Burley Ninian Burley Edward Wilson William Wilson & Sarah Twisleton Edward Wilson & Jane Gower Richard Wilson & Emote Thompson Humphrey Street & Elizabeth Wilson Richard Stede & Jane Wilson Thomas Wilson Nicholas Shercliff & Ann Wilson Thomas Eyre & Ellen W Wilson Christopher Wilson & Beatrice Cudworth George Wilson & Alice Bentley John Rich & Ellen Wilson James Oates & Catherine Wilson Thomas Cockshutt John Cockshutt Anne Cockshutt Elizabeth Cockshutt Elizabeth Cockshutt Elizabeth Wilson Thomas Cockshutt & Susanna Wilson Thomas Revel & Anne Wilson Charles Wilson Randal Holme & Elizabeth Wilson Thomas Wasse & Alice Wilson Mary Wilson Christian Wilson Christopher Wilson & Ellen Brammall Christopher Wilson & Mary Ibbotson Reginald Wilson Unknown Wilson Arthur Wilson Zachariah Wilson & Mary Housely Robert Wilson Robert Holmes & Anne Wilson Richard Sherbourne & Elizabeth Wilson Housley Wilson Zachariah Wilson Unknown Fellow & Mary Wilson John Wilson & Ann Hey Christopher Wilson Reginald Wilson Richard Wilson John Rich Mary Rich Sarah Rich Edward Rich Ralph Wilson John Wilson Mary Wilson John Wilson Thomas Wilson Richard Wilson Matthew Wilson John Spencer & Anne Wilson Reginald Wilson Vicar Charles Wilson & Ann Unknown Rowland Wilson Thomas Wilson Christopher Wilson Robert Ibotson & Jane Wilson George Wilson George Wilson Ferrieres de Ferrieres-St.-Hilaire in the Battle Abbey Roll link to image source John Wilson & Mary Macro Charles Wilson Ann Wilson Christopher Wilson Henrietta Maria Wilson Margaret Wilson Sarah Wilson Martha Wilson Christopher Wilson Mary Wilson Christopher Wilson & Alice Bilham Godfrey Crosland & Mary Wilson Thomas Crosland John Rimington & Unknown Crosland John Rimington & Mary Wilson Susan Wilson John Wilson & Susanna Oates Joseph Wilson Richard Wilson Charles Wilson John Wilson & Rebecca Gent Thomas Wilson Jonathan Ellis & Isabella-Maria Wilson Unknown Asline & Isabella-Maria Wilson Demise by Ralph s/o Swane de Waldershelf, and wife, Matilda, witnessed by Ralph's brother, Helya, and son, Willelmo @ Swane de Waldershelf Robert Fitz Walkerline Elias de Waldershelf William de Waldershelf Ralph de Mora Ralph de Aula of Waldershelf & Sister Beatrice de Waldeshef Magotæ Waldeshef & William de Hampton transfer of neighboring land between Penistone & Hunshelf to the Wortley's Geoffrey de Mora Alan de Wortley Wortley Hall Broomhead Hall Wortley Hall on Google maps More Hall 1310 quitclaim to William s/o William de Waldershelf for house and land in Hunshelf @ UK national Archive John de More of Onesacre Roger de Mora l'Aigle de l'Aigle Wuffinga genealogy Wulfing article at Wikipedia Y-DNA haplogroup I1 Y-DNA haplogroup I1 Ancient origins of Wilson by Wendell Wilson Wilsons of Broomhead Hall by Joseph Hunter Wortley Forge article at Wikipedia Wortley Forge article at Wikipedia Belly helve hammer, Wortley Top Forge image from Bury St. Edmunds Abbey article at Wikipedia Edmund the Martyr article at Wikipedia St. Edmund of the Wuffings article at sketch of Tutbury Castle before its demolition during the English Reformation Haunted Happenings website Ghosts of Tutbury Castle article at Hanted Happenings Radbourne Hall phot at Babworth Church article at Wikipedia sketch of New Street, Port Royal from Pirates & Zombies website historical description of Port Royal, Jamaica from Pirates & Zombies website translated French map of Port Royal from Pirates & Zombies website Babworth Church image from Old Nottinghamshire Local & Family History website image of Port Royal harbor fromm Black Beard's Crew website ship Thomas King entering London dock from Merchants Networks website James Rimington & Sarah Ward Mary Rimington Henry Wilson William Wilson & Unknown Leader Mary Anne Wilson Thomas Newberry & Harriet Wilson Christopher Wilson Newberry Christopher Wilson & Hannah Clarke Richard Wilson & Elizabeth Brooks Christopher Wilson Charles Wilson Sarah Wilson Locksley Hall - Sixty Years After from Early History of Stocksbridge District p26 Robert Fitz Walkeline Dragon of Wantley article at Wikipedia Knights Teutonic, Templaar & Hospitaller image source SYMBOLISM OF HERALDIC COLORS, FURS, LINES & ORDINARIES George Wilson of Nether-Rushford arms of Wilson of Broomhead Hall arms of Wilson of Broomhead Hall Waldeshef of Huntington, Northampton and Derby
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