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William WALDERSHELF's father: Robert FITZ WALKELINE (1120?-1160?)

Family of William de WALDERSHELF

Husband: William de WALDERSHELF (bef1150-aft1216)
Wife: (unknown)
Children: Ralph de MORA ( - )

Husband: William de WALDERSHELF

Name: William de WALDERSHELF 1
Sex: Male
Father: Robert FITZ WALKELINE (1120?-1160?)
Mother: -
Birth bef 1150
Residence bef 1200 (age 49-50) Waldershelf, Yorkshire, England 1,2
Civil (1) 1200 (age 49-50) with Calfr. Luterell, was Overseer of Hugh Bardolf's Expence for inclosing Bolsovre Park for King John; Bridgeford, Nottinghamshire, England 3
Civil (2) 1200 (age 49-50) paid King John 60 marks to free his manor and woods in Stainsby from the forest law; Stainsby, Derbyshire 4
Civil (3) 30 May 1207 (age 56-57) paid palfrey debt to King John; Newark, England 5
Civil (4) 1216 (age 65-66) Permission to hunt in Cannock Forest given by Henry III 6
Death aft 1216 (age 65-66)

Child 1: Ralph de MORA

      Ralph de MORA, "de More"    
Name: Ralph de MORA
Sex: Male
Residence 1190 Waldershelf, Yorkshire, England


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