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Richard GLOUCESTER's parents: Richard de GLOUCESTER ( - ) and Margaret ( - )

Family of Richard de GLOUCESTER and Juliana WALDESHEF

Husband: Richard de GLOUCESTER ( - )
Wife: Juliana WALDESHEF ( - )

Husband: Richard de GLOUCESTER

Name: Richard de GLOUCESTER
Sex: Male
Father: Richard de GLOUCESTER ( - )
Mother: Margaret ( - )

Wife: Juliana WALDESHEF

Name: Juliana WALDESHEF
Sex: Female
Father: Walter de WALDESHEF (1260?-bef1334)
Mother: Joanna de BASINGE ( - )

Note on Marriage




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The Charterhouse, "The House of the Salutation of the Mother of

Go'l of the Carthusian Order near London", was founded in 1371 by Walter Lord Mauny. It was dissolved in 1537, and the lay manor of St. Pancras is not mentioned thereafter. Among the records concerning land within this manor before the Dissolution is one that Richard de Gloucester, draper, who was sheriff in 1 294-5 and died in 1323, possessed [the manor of Bloomsbury and] 50 acres of land in Kentyshtown held of Henry de Bydyk worth, at 4d. an acre, i6s. 8d., and three acres of pasture at 3d. an acre worth gd., for which he rendered 8s. a year.^^ His son Richard came of age on 2nd

February 1325, and married Juliana, daughter of Walter Waldeshef, goldsmith of London. The trustee was William de Wiklewode, rector of Boyleston, Derbyshire (where Walter W^aldeshef died), who settled on Richard de Gloucester and Juliana his wife and the heirs of Juliana, a messuage, 170 acres of land, 3 acres of meadow and 47s. 2d. rent in Kentisseheton and in the parish of St. Giles Lepers.^s Walter Waldeshef had in fact bought the "wardship" of the youthful heir from the Crown and married him to his own daughter. In the following year they also obtained a messuage, 50 acres of land and two acres of meadow in Kentishton from Elena the wife of John de Sutton.^' The first-mentioned estate, i 70* acres, etc., was conveyed by Richard de Gloucester and Juliana his wife in 1335 to William Pycot, goldsmith of London,^^ and by him in 1 336 to Roger de Bedefield and Matilda

his wife.69 Matilda or Maud, widow of Roger de Bedefield died on 27th July, 1347, leaving Roger the second son aged 7 and a daughter Alice. Roger died on ist March, 1349, and the estate went to his sister Alice, aged 10. She afterwards married John de Padbury.''"'


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