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Saer WALDERSHEF's father: Geoffrey de WALDERSELF (1180?- )
Saer WALDERSHEF's brother: Thomas WALDERSHAUE ( - )

Family of Saer de WALDERSHEF

Husband: Saer de WALDERSHEF ( - )
Wife: (unknown)
Children: Ralph WALDESHEF ( - )

Husband: Saer de WALDERSHEF

Name: Saer de WALDERSHEF
Sex: Male
Father: Geoffrey de WALDERSELF (1180?- )
Mother: -
Civil 6 May 1257 Represented Beatrice de Marton of Lincolnshire in a suit against the abbott of Kyrkestede.; York, Yorkshire, England 1
Caution The documentation of this person does not include evidence of parentage.

Child 1: Ralph WALDESHEF

Sex: Male
Caution The documentation of this person does not include evidence of parentage.
Civil (1) 1275 claimed assize of bread and ale in Ringstead, Northampton; Ringstead, Northamptonshire, England 2,3
Civil (2) 1275 inherited land in Stanwick, Northamptonshire from William de Vaus 4
Residence 1284 Stanwick and Ringstead, Northamptonshire, England 5


1"Final Concords for Lincolnshire - 41 Henry III". Case 131, File 40, No. 6.
Text From Source: At York; from Easter in one month, 41 Henry III, [6 May, 1257].

Between Beatrice de Marton, querent, by Saer Waldeshef put in her place, and William abbot of Kyrkestede, deforciant, by brother Nigel, his monk, put in his place, of common of pasture which Beatrice claimed to have in the abbot's marsh in Marton.

Plea. Beatrice has quitclaimed from herself and her heirs to the abbot and his successors and his church all the right and claim which she had of having or demanding any common of pasture in the marsh, by the metes and bounds written below, for ever, to wit, in length from Le Twercdik' to the waters of Wyme, and in breadth from le Bothedik' to Halledik'. And for this the abbot has given Beatrice 3 marks of silver.
Final Concords of the County of Lincoln: 1244-1272 (1920), pp. 127-144. URL: Date accessed: 10 July 2012.
2"Hundred Rolls of 1274-75". v.2, p.10.
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Text From Source: ...
The Hundred Rolls of 12745 show that the bailiffsof the Earls of Gloucester had in 12745 for sixteen years past been appropriating payments and services due from tenants in Ringstead, Raunds, and Cotes, members of the manor of Higham. (fn. 14)

The tenants in Ringstead from whom suit wasthus appropriated were Robert Punteney and Richard Trayly; (fn. 15) the bailiffs had also withdrawn 10d. sheriff' said owed by Richard de Ringstead, with 10d. for sheriff's aid from the fee of William Hay in Ringstead,and 2s. owed by the latter fee for view of frankpledge and vigils. (fn. 16) William Barbedor (who in 1285 received agrant of lands and rents in the manor of Ringstead from Roger Barbedor for life) (fn. 17) and Ralph Waldeshef in Ringstead and Stanwick were claiming assize of breadand ale. (fn. 18)

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15 Their interests were probably acquiredby the Chamberleyn family; cf. Denford;V.C.H. Northants. iii, 1934.
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Text From Source: ...
Half a fee in Ringstead and Stanwick was held of the honor of Peverel in 1242 by Matthew de Iverny. (fn. 24) Between this date and 1260 the Earl of Derby enfeoffed William de Walda, who commuted the villein services in this manor for a payment of 20s. the virgate. (fn. 25) This half fee had evidently passed to William Barbedor and Ralph Waldeshef by 1275, (fn. 26) and was apparently subsequently divided, Waldeshef taking the property in Stanwick (q.v.). A third of a fee which had belonged to Roger Barbedor was held, about 1330, by Roger Brownand Agnes daughter and heir of Walter Barbedor (fn. 27) (presumably either Roger's wife or his mother). It was possibly acquired by Henry Green with the manor of Raunds (q.v.) about 1360, as in 1428 Sir Simon Felbrigge was holding, in right of his wife Katharine the widow of Ralph Green, a half fee in Ringstead and Stanwick formerly held by Ralph Waldeshef and John Brown. (fn. 28)
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27 Feud. Aids, vi, 568. Waldeshef andBarbedor are here called heirs of Williamde Vaus (i.e. de Walde, or de Waldis, ashe is called elsewhere).
28 Ibid, iv, 46.
5"Feudal Aids v04 - Northampton to Somersetshire". p. 14.
Text From Source: Stanewigg et Ryngsted. Rogerus Barbedor et Radulfus Waldeshef tenent di. f. m. in Stanewigg et Ryngsted de eodem comite, et idem comes de rege.


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