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William WALDERSHELF's father: Ralph de WALDERSHELF (1160?- )
William WALDERSHELF's brother: Ylian de WALDERSHELF (1180?-bef1258)

Family of William de WALDERSHELF

Husband: William de WALDERSHELF (1180?- )
Wife: (unknown)
Children: Beatrice WALDESHEF ( -aft1286)

Husband: William de WALDERSHELF

Name: William de WALDERSHELF 1
Sex: Male
Father: Ralph de WALDERSHELF (1160?- )
Mother: -
Birth 1180 (est) Waldershelf, Yorkshire
Civil btw 1190 and 1208 (age 9-28) witnessed deed of father, Ralph 2

Child 1: Beatrice WALDESHEF

      Beatrice WALDESHEF, "1279 - Beatrice Waldeshef"    
Name: Beatrice WALDESHEF 3
Sex: Female
Name Prefix: Sister
Spouse: Ralf de Aula of WALDERSHELF (1230?-aft1286)
Residence 1278 Chesterton, Huntingdonshire, England 4
Caution Beatrice is said to be the daughter of William de Waldeschef and wife of Ralph de Waldershelf. Tthese are the only William and Ralph in the records of the right time and ages. 5,6
land transfer 1286 Keyston, Huntingdonshire, England 6
Death aft 1286


1William Farrer, "Early Yorkshire Charters" (Ballantyne, hanson & Co., Edinburgh 1916). v3 p419 s26 #1803.
2Ibid. vol 3, pp418-419.
Text From Source: 1803.
Demise by Ralph son of Swane de Waldershelf to the monks of Kirkstead for 8 marks of land held of Peter son of Adam de Birkethwaite in Penisale to hold for 5^. yearly. 1190-1208.
Chartul. of Kirkstead ; Cott. MS., Vesp. E. xviii, f. 135^.
Omnibus sancte matris ecclesie filiis presentibus et futuris Radulfus films Swaini de Waldeself salutem. Noveritis me concessisse et dimisisse et hac presenti carta confirmasse Deo et ecclesie Sancte Marie de Kirkestede et monachis ejusdem loci in perpetuam elemosinam totam terram quam teneo de Petro filio Ade de Birkethvait in territorio de Penigheshal', tenendam de me et de heredibus meis libere et quiete pro v. solidis per annum, reddendis michi et heredibus meis pro omni servitio quod ad me vel ad heredes meos pertinet ad duos terminos, scilicet ad Pentecosten ij. solidos et dimidium et ad festum Sancti Martini ij. solidos et dimidium. Et ego predictus Radulfus et heredes mei warantizabimus supradicte ecclesie et monachis ejusdem loci memoratam terram contra omnes homines imperpetuum. Pro hac concessione et dimissione dederunt michi prefati monachi viij. marcas argenti.
His testibus: Adam de Birkethuait, Hugone decano de Silkeston, Willelmo persona de Peningstun, Johanne persona de Roreston, Helya de Wydhop', Matheo de Ospring, Henrico de Wdehall', Hugone de Wrtlaye, Helya fratre ejus, Willelmo filio meo.

Peter de Birkethwaite afterwards gave to Kirkstead a yearly rent of \2d. paid by Ylian son of Ralph de Walterschelf for his whole tenement in Penisale.
Witness : Henry de Novo Mercato.1 Ylian gave his tenement in Penisale and Matilda his relict released her right of dower in a rent of 5$.from a tenement called Langby.
3"File (merged): C:\Users\Doug\Documents\Family\trees\Waldeshelf of Huntingdonshire.GED". Record originated in...
4"A History of the County of Huntingdon, Vol. 2" ( Text From Source: In 1278, the Knights Templars held a messuage in Beville's manor (q.v.) and their sub-tenant, Beatrix de Waldeshef, paid them a yearly rent of 2s. (fn. 107) It was presumably the same holding which passed to the Knights of St. John, from whom it was held in the 16th century by the College of Fotheringhay for the same rent of 2s. (fn. 108) This was granted in 1543 to William Beville. (fn. 109)
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5"The Visitation of the County of Huntingdon 1613". p. 11.
Text From Source: [pedigree diagram]
Willielm' de Waldescheff = ...
--> Beatrix Waldeseff = ...
-----> Magota, filia Beatricia = Will'mus de Hampton
6"A History of the County of Huntingdon, Vol. 3" ( pp. 69-75.
Text From Source: As was frequently the case with regard to the property of absentee landlords, Keyston seems to have been developed, probably in the 13th century, by conveying away large freeholds. It appears from an action in 1286 that William Wold or William, son of Maurice de Wold Weston (Old Weston), gave to Ralph Waldeschef of Chesterton and Beatrice, his wife, lands in Keyston which Ralph afterwards leased to Roger de Lylleford and Alice, his wife. Beatrice in her widowhood later, as Roger asserted, quitclaimed to him all her right in the vill and fields of Keyston which included the lands given by William de Wold. Beatrice, however, denied that the quitclaim was sealed by her. (fn. 38)

38 Assize R. 348, m. 7.
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