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Richard WALDESHEF's father: Adam WALDESHEF ( - )

Richard WALDESHEF ( - )

Name: Richard WALDESHEF
Sex: Male
Father: Adam WALDESHEF ( - )
Mother: -

Individual Events and Attributes

Title Jun 1381 Constable of Sutton; Cambridgeshire 1,2
Caution The documentation of this person does not include evidence of parentage.
Civil 16 Jun 1381 Tried to keep the peace in the riots of Sutton during the Rising in East Anglia; Sutton, Cambridgeshire, England 3


1Edgar Powell, "Rising in East Anglia in 1381" (Cambridge University Press, 1896). pp. 45-46.
Text From Source: ...
Thomas de Swaffham's house at Burwell was also plundered on Sunday by John Kempe of Dullingham, who, we are told, rode thither with banner displayed; whilst at Harleston and Arnington the houses of William Bateman and Geoffrey Michel were burnt and plundered in like manner. During the riots at Sutton also we learn that the constable of the village, Richard Waltesheff, was compelled by Thomas Barr and others to join them in a pursuit through the country after John Fedeler and John Whyte, two men of Ely, whom they sought to slay.
2C. H. Evelyn White, "The East Anglian" (Agas H. Goose of Norwich & Elliot Stock of London, 1895-1896). pp. 234-235.
Text From Source: Another inquisition says that Thomas Barr of Sutton on Sunday after C.C. [Corpus Christi] arose with a great force and went to the house of Richard Waltesheff, constable of the town of Sutton, and asked him to rise with him or he would burn his house. Then the said Thomas proceeded to Mephal to the house of John Fedeler, seeking to take and kill John Whyte of Ely and Thomas Somenour and a horse of Thomas seized and took away. ...
3Edgar Powell, "Rising in East Anglia in 1381" (Cambridge University Press, 1896). pp.45-46.


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