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John WALDESHEF's father: Robert de WALDESHEF (1240?- )

John WALDESHEF ( - )

Sex: Male
Father: Robert de WALDESHEF (1240?- )
Mother: -

Individual Events and Attributes

Civil (1) 1307 acquitted for stealing horses and oxen in Staffordshire; Offley, Staffordhsire, England 1
Civil (2) 22 Sep 1319 complaint for theft of trees at Esthanneye, Berkshire; Newcastle-upon-Tyne 2
Civil (3) 1322 mainprised Thomas de Langeford of Herefordshire 3
Caution The documentation of this person does not include evidence of parentage.


1"Staffordshire Historical Collections, vol. 7" (1886). part 1, pp. 172-181.
Text From Source: Uffelowe (Offlow). John Waldeschef indicted for stealing horses and oxen, and three other prisoners, were acquitted. ...

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2"Patent Roll of Edward II Volume 2 1313-1317". p. 466.
Text From Source: 1319 Sept. 22.
The like [Commission of oyer and terminer] to John de Foxle, John de Stonore and John Loveday on complaint by John Waldeshef that Peter le Clerk, and Christiana, his wife, Thomas Harneys, Thomas le Cartere, Moises Esebern, Robert Gibbes.Robert Husee and Alexander le Cartere, with others, felled and carried away his trees at Esthanneye, co. Berks.
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3"Fine Rolls v03 - Edward II 1319-1327" ( p. 172.
Text From Source: 1322.

Thomas de Langeford of the county of Hereford has found as mainpernors Oliver de Ingham, knight, of the county of Norfolk, and John son of Richard Waldeshef of the county of Nottingham, who have mainprised for his good behaviour under a penalty of 100 marks.
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