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John WALDESHEF's father: John WALDESHEF ( - )

John WALDESHEF ( - )

Sex: Male
Father: John WALDESHEF ( - )
Mother: -

Individual Events and Attributes

Civil Jun 1381 committed felonies in Huntingdonshire during the Rising in East Anglia; Ely, Cambridgeshire, England 1


1C. H. Evelyn White, "The East Anglian" (Agas H. Goose of Norwich & Elliot Stock of London, 1895-1896). pp. 234-237.
Text From Source: Records of the Villein Insurrection in Cambridgeshire. No. VI.
Membrane 11.
An inquisition taken on the same day says that on Monday after Corpus Christi, ...
... And that John Ferer, John Waltessheff senior and junior, William Haviton and Richard Bythewal with others, on Tuesday after C.C. proceeded into Hunts. and committed divers felonies there. ...


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