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Elizabeth SEAMAN's parents: John SEAMAN (1611-1694) and Elizabeth UNKNOWN ( -1665)
Elizabeth SEAMAN's brother: Thomas SEAMAN ( - )

Family of John JACKSON and Elizabeth SEAMAN

Husband: John JACKSON (1645-1725)
Wife: Elizabeth SEAMAN (1653-1724)
Children: John JACKSON (1673-1744)
Elizabeth JACKSON (1668-1758)
James JACKSON (1671-1735)
Martha JACKSON (1678-1753)
Mary JACKSON (1678-bef1724)
Sarah JACKSON (1681-1763)
Samuel JACKSON (1684-1728)
Hannah JACKSON (1685- )
Marriage 16 Jan 1672 Jerusalem, Queens, New York, USA 1

Husband: John JACKSON

Name: John JACKSON 1
Sex: Male
Father: Robert JACKSON (1620-1684)
Mother: Unknown UNKNOWN ( - )
Birth 1645 Hempstead, Queens Now Nassau, New York, USA 1
Title Colonel
Title (Facts Pg) Militia Colonel
Death 6 Dec 1725 (age 79-80) Jerusalem (now Wantagh), Long Island, New York, USA 1

Wife: Elizabeth SEAMAN

Name: Elizabeth SEAMAN 1
Sex: Female
Father: John SEAMAN (1611-1694)
Mother: Elizabeth UNKNOWN ( -1665)
Birth 1653 Hempstead, Nassau, New York, USA 1
Death (1) 26 Aug 1724 (age 70-71) Hempstead, Nassau, New York, USA 1
Death (2) 6 Dec 1725 (age 71-72) Hempstead, Queens, New York, USA 1

Child 1: John JACKSON

Name: John JACKSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth HALLETT (1680-1744)
Birth 1673 Queens Co., New York
Title Colonel
Death 1744 (age 70-71) Jerusalem, Queens, New York, USA

Child 2: Elizabeth JACKSON

Name: Elizabeth JACKSON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles DOUGHTY (1667-1735)
Birth 1668 Flushing, Queens, Long Island, New York
Death Jan 1758 (age 89-90) Flushing, Queens, Long Island, New York

Child 3: James JACKSON

Name: James JACKSON 1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rebecca HALLETT (1675-1730)
Birth 31 Aug 1671 Hempstead, Long Island, New York, USA 1
Religion society of Friends (Quaker)
Death Oct 1735 (age 64) Long Island, New York, USA 1

Child 4: Martha JACKSON

Name: Martha JACKSON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Peter TITUS (1674-1753)
Birth 1678 Hempstead, Nassau, New York, USA
Death 12 Dec 1753 (age 74-75)

Child 5: Mary JACKSON

Name: Mary JACKSON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Jeckomiah SCOTT (1663-1749)
Birth 1678 Hempstead, Nassau, New York, USA
Death bef Aug 1724 (age 45-46) Southampton, Long Island, New York

Child 6: Sarah JACKSON

Name: Sarah JACKSON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Joshua BARNES (1683-1763)
Birth 1681 Jamaica, Long Island, New York, USA
Death 16 Jun 1763 (age 81-82) New York

Child 7: Samuel JACKSON

Name: Samuel JACKSON
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Ruth SMITH (1689- )
Spouse 2: Abigail SEAMAN ( - )
Birth Aug 1684
Death 1728 (age 43-44) Hempstead, Nassau, New York, USA

Child 8: Hannah JACKSON

Name: Hannah JACKSON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Richard SEAMAN ( - )
Birth 1685

Note on Husband: John JACKSON - shared note

Jackson Family Genealogy


Source: The Cornell Library New York State Historical Literature**********

Genealogical record, Saint Nicholas Society of the city of New York,

Printed by the Order of the Society 1923, pg 67


JOHN JACKSON (c. 1645/50-1725) was a son of Robert Jackson of Hempstead, Long Island, who had moved from Stamford, Connecticut, to Long Island, in 1644. Robert was the first of the line in this country as at present established. The son John was born about and between 1645 and 1650 presumably at Hempstead. He lived much of his life at Jerusalem, Long Island. His wife was Elizabeth, a daughter of Captain John Seaman (1610-1695 of Hempstead, by his first wife Elizabeth, a daughter of John Strickland of Hempstead. It is not known when Elizabeth (Seaman) Jackson was born or died.


John Jackson's will was made on August 26, 1724, and proved December 6, 1725, so he certainly died in 1725. The will disposed of considerable land to all his sons and left slaves and furniture to his daughters, he having nine children in all.


John Jackson was Sheriff of Queens County in 1691, was a member of the Assembly, and a Colonel of the Long Island militia. His rank in the militia was a very high one for the times and the details of his appointment are not known but the fact of his commission is well established. He was promoted from Captain to Major in 1697. In 1700 he was a Lieutenant Colonel commanding the regiment of foot of Queens County under commission of the Earl of Bellomont, Governor of the Province of New York, and later promoted.


Authorities: Jones Family of Long Island, Report of New York State Historian for 1896, Abstracts New York Wills, New York Civil List, Bunker's Long Island Genealogies, N. Y. Gen. and Biog. Record, XI, XLII.



from the Jackson Ledger, P.A. Jackson, 1887.


John Jackson according to the law of primogeniture inherited most of his father?s estate, and was one of the patentees of the town of Hempstead under the patent granted by Gov. Dongan [or Dougan] in 1685 and the last surveyor of land included in this grant. He was sheriff of Queens Co. from 1691 ? 1695 and was one of the largest land owners in that county. Was a member of the Assembly from 1693 ? 1709 and also Col. of the Militia. He was twice married ? 1st to Elizabeth Hallet, a daughter of Samuel Hallet of Hallet?s Cove and grand daughter of William Hallet of Dorsetshire, England who moved to Greenwich, Conn. He married second Elizabeth Seaman. [error; see Notes] He made his will Aug. 26, 1724 and died in 1725. He left the following children:


1. John 6. Hannah


2. James 7. Martha and


3. Sarah Mary, twins


4. Samuel


5. Elizabeth

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