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William HALLETT's other families: with Sarah WOOLSEY (1650-1727) and Sarah UNKNOWN ( - )
William HALLETT's brother: Samuel HALLETT ( - )

Family of William HALLETT and Mary UNKNOWN

Husband: William HALLETT (1648-1729)
Wife: Mary UNKNOWN ( - )

Husband: William HALLETT

Name: William HALLETT 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: William HALLETT (1616-1706)
Mother: Elizabeth FONES (1610-1656?)
Birth Oct 1648 New Town, Long Island, New York, USA 1
Death 18 Aug 1729 (age 80) New Town, Long Island, New York, USA 1

Wife: Mary UNKNOWN

Name: Mary UNKNOWN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Note on Husband: William HALLETT - shared note


by Stella Cotrill and Don Norman


William Hallett, a son of William and Elizabeth (Fones) [Winthrop]

{Feake} Hallett, was born about 1648 in NY and died August 18, 1729 in

Newtown, Queens County, NY. His will is dated September 16, 1727 and

Endorsed on August 23,1729.

He married Sarah Woolsey December 1, 1669 in Queens County. Sarah, a

daughter of George and Rebecca (Cornell) Woolsey, was born August 3,

1650 in Flushing, Queens County and died after 1700. William's second

wife was Mary ---/ He married Ruth ----February 1, 1692/93 in NY.

William Hallett's will:

In the name of God, Amen. I, WILLIAM HALLETT, of Hellgate Neck, in

Newtown, Queens County, being very infirm and weak. I leave to my son

Joseph (my eldest son now living), all my houses, lands, tenements, and

meadows, with all improvements, situate at Hellgate Neck. Beginning at a

great Rock in the valley of the southwest of the Ridge, and ranging from

the rock south easterly 40 Degrees, to a certain marked tree in the

woods, 300 rods. Ranging from the marked tree North easterly along the

Purchase line, 47 Degrees to a stone set in the ground and marked W. H.

on the one side, and S. H. on the other side, 178 rods. Ranging thence

along the fence as it now stands to a stone set in the ground on the

east side of my gate, at the end of the lane by my orchard. Ranging

thence along the orchard 36 rods, thence along the Garden 16 rods. From

thence down to the Purchase line, that comes through Hellgate. From

thence to the mouth of the Great Creek, thence to the little creek, from

thence to the Great Rock, the first station. And he is to have the equal

privilege of the lane with Samuel Hallett; as it is now fenced, from the

stone, by my gate to the water side, so down west to the Purchase line.

Except a certain tract of land and buildings, given to my son, Moses

Hallett, by a deed, June 7, 1708. To him, my son, Joseph Hallett, and

his heirs male, and in default of such, then to my son, George Hallett,

and his heirs male. And in default to my son Richard and his heirs male,

and in default of such to my female heirs, forever. I also leave to my

son Joseph, a negro man, and a negro wench, and a waggon, plough, and my

great riding horse, and a cupboard, and the Great Table and great chest,

and my silver Tankard. I leave to my sons, George and Richard, and to my

grandson, Joseph Hallett, and to my daughters, Sarah Phillips, Rebecca

Jackson, Sarah Blackwell, and Charity Moore, certain negroes. I leave to

my true and loving wife, one third of the remainder of all my movable

estate, and the privilege of the chamber in the stone house, during

widowhood. And my son Joseph is to furnish her sufficient support and

firewood. I leave two thirds of my movables to my five daughters, Sarah

Phillips, Rebecca Jackson, Charity Moore, Mary Blackwell, and Elizabeth

Fish. And my son Joseph is to keep for his mother, four head of cattle,

winter and summer. I leave to my sons, Joseph and George, all my

apparell. I make my wife Mary, and my sons, and James Jackson, and

Samuel Moore, executors.


Dated September 16, 1727.


Samuel Hallett,

Samuel Hallett, Jr.,

Samuel Richards.

(No probate recorded.

Endorsed, August 23, 1729.)

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