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Family of John JACKSON

Husband: John JACKSON (bef1605- )
Wife: (unknown)
Children: Robert JACKSON (1620-1684)

Husband: John JACKSON

Name: John JACKSON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth bef 1605 Hertfordshire, England
Immigration 1630 (age 24-25) to New York from Yarmouth, England

Child 1: Robert JACKSON

      Robert JACKSON, "1606_UnionFlag"    
Name: Robert JACKSON 1
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Unknown UNKNOWN ( - )
Spouse 2: Unknown WASHBURNE (1624-bef1659)
Spouse 3: Agnes UNKNOWN ( - )
Birth 1620 Scrooby, Nottinghamshire, England 1
Death 1684 (age 63-64) Hempstead, Nassau, New York, USA 1

Note on Husband: John JACKSON - shared note


A Copy of P. A. Jackson's Notes

Anna Domino 1887


John Jackson from Hertfordshire, England was one of the expedition of 1627 for the relief of the Huguenots of La Rochelle and believed to be the father of Robert Jackson, the first of the name known to have come to America. Robert Jackson left England with John Winthrop 1630 - 31 but which John Winthrop is not known. In with the Massachusetts Bay C, he doubtless was one of the 900 who sailed from Yarmouth on the 7th April 1630. At any rate the Coat of Arms of his family was emblazoned with two greyhounds and a dolphin crested with a mailed arm raising from a m[issal?], in the hand a tilting spear.


If we seek one reason for his coming to this country we may find many. At that time, the industry of the people was oppressed by irregular and exorbitant taxation and untimely interferences not in accord with the general intelligence of that period. Merchants found no protection from pirates or robbers. Landowners were greatly annoyed by inquiries and examinations into their titles and even the greatest in the land were liable to be heavily fined and probably imprisoned for any malfeasance of thought or action differing from prevailing customs. Charles I always wanted more money to gratify his selfish tastes and he tried to rule as autocratically as the king of France so between the demands of the King and the oppression of all who were not Roman Catholic, those of a different opinion had but little showing. We may also imagine the enticement of immense fortune and the privilege of worshipping God after the dictates of his own conscience held out to say nothing of personal entreaties from those of his friends who had made up their minds to go.

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