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Christian BARTH's father: Johann Gottlieb BARTH (1760-1824)

Family of Christian Friedrich BARTH

Husband: Christian Friedrich BARTH (1789-1864)
Wife: (unknown)
Children: Eduard Moritz BARTH (1826-1873)

Husband: Christian Friedrich BARTH

Name: Christian Friedrich BARTH
Sex: Male
Father: Johann Gottlieb BARTH (1760-1824)
Mother: -
Birth 9 Nov 1789
Occupation Turmbarth (Mill Owner)
Death 25 Feb 1864 (age 74)

Child 1: Eduard Moritz BARTH

Name: Eduard Moritz BARTH
Sex: Male
Birth 10 Apr 1826 Thüringen, Germany
Occupation Mill Owner
Death 10 Jul 1873 (age 47) Küpferhammer near Greiz, Thüringen, Germany


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