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Richard HARTSHORNE's parents: William HARTSHORNE ( - ) and Alice UNKNOWN ( - )
Richard HARTSHORNE's brother: Hugh HARTSHORNE ( - )

Family of Richard HARTSHORNE and Margaret CARR

Husband: Richard HARTSHORNE (1641-1722)
Wife: Margaret CARR (1650-1721)
Children: Robert HARTSHORNE (1671- )
Thomas HARTSHORNE (1674- )
Mary HARTSHORNE (1676- )
William HARTSHORNE (1678- )
Richard HARTSHORNE (1681- )
Katherine HARTSHORNE (1682-1759)
Hugh HARTSHORNE (1685- )
Sarah HARTSHORNE (1687-1730)
Mercy HARTSHORNE (1693- )
Marriage 27 Nov 1670 Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, USA

Husband: Richard HARTSHORNE

      Richard HARTSHORNE, "1606_UnionFlag"    
Name: Richard HARTSHORNE 1
Sex: Male
Father: William HARTSHORNE ( - )
Mother: Alice UNKNOWN ( - )
Birth 24 Oct 1641 Halhearne, Leicestershire, England 1
Death 3 May 1722 (age 80) Middletown, Monmouth, New Jersey, USA 1

Wife: Margaret CARR

Name: Margaret CARR 1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1650 Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, USA 1
Death 6 Mar 1721 (age 70-71) Middletown, Monmouth, New Jersey, USA 1

Child 1: Robert HARTSHORNE

Sex: Male
Birth 5 Feb 1671

Child 2: Thomas HARTSHORNE

Sex: Male
Birth 14 Nov 1674

Child 3: Mary HARTSHORNE

Sex: Female
Birth 14 Oct 1676

Child 4: William HARTSHORNE

Name: William HARTSHORNE
Sex: Male
Birth 22 Jan 1678

Child 5: Richard HARTSHORNE

Name: Richard HARTSHORNE
Sex: Male
Birth 17 Apr 1681

Child 6: Katherine HARTSHORNE

Name: Katherine HARTSHORNE 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Edward FITZ RANDOLPH (1672-1760)
Birth 2 May 1682 Middletown, New Jersey, USA 1
Death 13 Aug 1759 (age 77) Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey, USA 1

Child 7: Hugh HARTSHORNE

Sex: Male
Birth 21 Aug 1685

Child 8: Sarah HARTSHORNE

Sex: Female
Spouse: John TAYLOR (1690-1721)
Birth 3 Sep 1687 Middletown, Monmouth, New Jersey, USA
Death 1730 (age 42-43) Middletown, Monmouth, New Jersey, USA

Child 9: Mercy HARTSHORNE

Sex: Female
Birth 12 Jul 1693

Note on Husband: Richard HARTSHORNE







The Hartshorne family of Monmouth County trace their ancestry to Richard Hartshorne, the son of William Hartshorne, of Leicestershire, England. Richard was a brother of Hugh Hartshorne, who was a citizen of London, and was admitted to the freedom of the Skinners' Company. Aug. 1, 1654. He was an "upholsterer" of Houndsditch, and is referred to sometimes as a "skinner," an "upholsterer," and as a "merchant." He was one of the Twenty-four Proprietors of East Jersey, named in the confirmatory grant of March 14, 16S2-3, from the Duke of York. He died April 25. 16S4, aged 55 years. There is no reason to suppose that he ever visited America. V. J. Archives, I., 366, 374, 383, 412, 528; Whitehead's East Jersey, 2d ed., 118, 178; V. Y. Gen. and Biog. Itccord, XIV., 95; Old Times in Old Monmouth, 12.


Richard Hartshorne was born Oct. 24, 1641, at Hathearne. Leicestershire, England; he married Margaret Carr, Nov. 27, 1670. Coming from London to America, in September, 1669, he located in East Jersey, and took up an extensive tract of land at Middletown and the Highlands of the Navesink (acquiring Sandy Hook in 1677), where he lavished a generous hospitality, as attested by George Fox and others, he being a Friend, and naturally partial to the traveling ministers of that persuasion. -Smith's Hist. X. J., 63. note; V. J. Archives, II., 329, note; Old Times in Old Monmouth. 12. He was Town Clerk of Middletown in 1675. Hist. Monmouth County, 519. In 1683 he was appointed Sheriff of Monmouth County, an honor he sought to decline. V. J. Archives. XIII.. 77. The precedent has not been followed to any extent. In 1683 he also became a member of Gov. Gawen Laurie's Council. In the same year he was elected to the Assembly, and in 16S6 was Speaker of that body, holding that position until October, 1693, and again, from February,

1696, to March, 1698, when he became a member of Gov. Jeremiah

Basse's Council. He continued in the Assembly also, and held both offices until the surrender of the Province to the Crown, in 1702. .V. J. Archives. I., 220, note. He was again elected to the Assembly from the Eastern Division in 1703 and 1704. He died in 1722. Old Tims in Old Monmouth. 291: Hist. Monmouth County, 534.


His children were:

1. Robert, born 5th 12th mo. 1671; probably died young;

2. Hugh, born 15th 5th mo. 1673; died in infancy;

3. Thomas, born 14th 9th mo. 1674;

4. Mary, born 14th Sth mo. 1676; married Clayton;

5. William, born 22d 1st mo. 167S-9; lived at Portland, on the Highlands; died 1748: had issue: Richard. William, Margaret (wife of Gershom) Mott, Thomas. Mary (wife of John) Lawrence. Hugh, Robert (died in 1S01). John Esek (died in 1796 or 1797), Rachel Robinson;

6. Richard, born 17th 2d mo. 1681; died in infancy;

7. Katharine, born 2d 3d mo. 16S2; married Nathaniel Fitz Randolph, of Woodbridge;

8. Hugh, born 21st 6th mo. 1685; m. Catharine Tilton (.b. 14th 7th mo.

16S4), and had ch. Margaret, who m. Robert White, saddler; she d. 10th of Sth mo. 1747;

9. Sarah, born 3d 7th mo. 1687; married Taylor;

10, Richard, born 15th 12th mo. 1689;

11. Mercy, born 12th 5th mo. 1693; married William Lawrence. V. Y. Gen. and Biog. Record, XIV., 95. Robert and Esek appear to have carried on business together, in Monmouth county, in 1767. JY. J. Archives, XXV., 292.


Hugh, son of Richard, born J 685. as above, was foreman of the Monmouth County Grand Jury in 1711, and lived at Middletown. Old Times in Old Monmouth, 269, 291-2. His plantation of 600 acres at Middletown is advertised for sale in 17-14 by his executors Catharine Hartshorne

(presumably his widow), Robert Hartshorne, Joseph Field and William

Hartshorne, jun. .V. /. Archives, XII., 242. His children were: Margaret White, Rebecca Wright, Catherine Bowne, Richard, Sarah Van Brakle, Robert, Mary Garrison, Eliza, Mercy. V. Y. (int. and Biog. Record. It was probably the Robert Hartshorne just mentoined who was admitted to the bar in 1739, and who in 1744 was at Burlington, where he died early in 1761.


Hugh Hartshorne, Clerk of the Assembly in 1757, was doubtless the son of William (b. 1678-9, son of Richard); the latter died in 1746. and in 174S his executors advertised for sale "The High Lands of Navesinks and Sandy-Hook lying in Middletown. East Jersey, consisting of 2800 Acres," including "a good Dwelling-House, 40 Feet Long and 30 Feet broad, with Sash Windows, two good Stone Cellars under it. with three Kitchens adjoining, pleasantly situated upon Navesinks River." V. J. Archives, XII., 325, 467, 523. Hugh Hartshorne married Hannah Pattison in Burlington Monthly Meeting in 1741. Friends in Burlington by Amelia Mott Gummere, Philadelphia, 1884, 93. He was living in Burlington early in 1743, and was still there in 1755. JV. J. Archives, XII., 171, 467; XIX., 481. He was one of the signers of the N. J. currency in 1754-56. lb., VIII., Part II., 39, 230, 232. On April 18, 1758, he was allowed 26, 15, 2, for "39 Days Attendance as Clerk of the House of Representatives at this and another Sitting of the Assembly and for Copying the Laws and Votes for the Printer During the Said Sessions." lb.,

XVII., 170. This appears to have been the extent of his service as Clerk of the Assembly. In 17C6 he was at Bristol. Pa. N. J. Archives, XXV., 21.

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