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Norman ANDERSON's other families: with Daisy UNKNOWN ( - ) and Bertha Helene LAFLAMME (1914-1992)

Family of Norman James ANDERSON and Juanita Dolores KLIEN

Husband: Norman James ANDERSON (1906-1976)
Wife: Juanita Dolores KLIEN (1907- )
Children: Living ANDERSON (1926- )
James Norman ANDERSON (1928-1996?)
(living) ANDERSON (1929- )
Joyce Nadine ANDERSON (1930-1975?)
Robert Warren ANDERSON (1931-2001)
Marriage 1 Sep 1925 Farmington, Utah, U.S.A.

Husband: Norman James ANDERSON

Name: Norman James ANDERSON
Sex: Male
Father: James ANDERSON (1870-1942)
Mother: Gertrude Bogart BROADWOOD (1875-1951)
Birth 26 Feb 1906 Binscarth, Man. Canada
Death 18 Apr 1976 (age 70) Victoria, B.C. Canada

Wife: Juanita Dolores KLIEN

Name: Juanita Dolores KLIEN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 24 Mar 1907 Mexico ?
Death Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Child 1: Living ANDERSON

Name: Living ANDERSON
Sex: Male
Birth 19 Jul 1926 Salt Lake City, UT. U.S.A.

Child 2: James Norman ANDERSON

Name: James Norman ANDERSON
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Living ST. SYR ( - )
Spouse 2: Living UNKNOWN ( - )
Birth 31 Jan 1928 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Death 1996 (app) (age 67-68) Victoria, B. C. Canada

Child 3: (living) ANDERSON

Name: (living) ANDERSON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Ronald Campbell MCINNES (1927-1999)
Birth 14 Jul 1929 Tuberose, Sask. Canada

Child 4: Joyce Nadine ANDERSON

Name: Joyce Nadine ANDERSON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles STANLEY ( - )
Birth 11 Jul 1930 Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.
Death 1975 (app) (age 44-45) Dawson Creek, Yukon, Canadda

Child 5: Robert Warren ANDERSON

Name: Robert Warren ANDERSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Martha Christine ELIOT (1921-1994)
Birth 14 Nov 1931 Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.
Death 30 Jul 2001 (age 69) Bellingham, WA, U.S.A.

Note on Husband: Norman James ANDERSON - shared note

At the time of the famous meeting of Churchill and Roosevelt, in Quebec City, Canada, during World War II. The meeting was held in a railway car, of the Canadian Pacific Railway. When dinner was served, Norman was their waiter.

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Norman and Bertha were married in 1934, later they were divorced.



Birth Record from a Certified true copy of the Registration on file at Vital Statistics, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.



Mariage Record of Norman and Juanita D. Klein, from their Marriage License, issued from Farmington, Utah.

Note on Wife: Juanita Dolores KLIEN - shared note

Information from Albert A. Schrader, her half-brother, and the 1910 Census.


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