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Family of William BROADWOOD and Mary Ann HAIGHT

Husband: William BROADWOOD (1839-1892)
Wife: Mary Ann HAIGHT (1847-1905)
Children: Silas Andrew BROADWOOD (1867-1942)
Florence Agnes BROADWOOD (1869-1947)
Gertrude Bogart BROADWOOD (1875-1951)
Marriage 4 Jan 1864 Maryborough Twp., Ont. Canada

Husband: William BROADWOOD

Name: William BROADWOOD
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 2 Nov 1839 Ashkirk, Roxburghshire, Scotland
Christening 6 May 1840 (age 0) Ashkirk, Roxburghshire, Scotland
Death 6 Aug 1892 (age 52) Toronto Junction, Ont. Canada

Wife: Mary Ann HAIGHT

Name: Mary Ann HAIGHT
Sex: Female
Father: John HAIGHT (1806-1888)
Mother: Elizabeth EMES (1808-1882)
Birth 1847 Maryborough Twp., Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada
Burial 1906 (age 58-59) Binscarth Cemetery
Death 16 Mar 1905 (age 57-58) Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Additional Information

Burial Binscarth, Man. Can.*

Child 1: Silas Andrew BROADWOOD

Name: Silas Andrew BROADWOOD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Alice GOOD (1877- )
Birth 9 Feb 1867 Drayton, Maryborough Twp. Ontario, Canada
Death 10 Oct 1942 (age 75) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada*

Child 2: Florence Agnes BROADWOOD

Name: Florence Agnes BROADWOOD
Sex: Female
Spouse: David MCGILVRAY ( - )
Birth 19 Sep 1869 Drayton, Maryborough Twp. Ontario, Canada
Burial 1947 (age 77-78) Binscarth Cemetery
Death 20 Jun 1947 (age 77) Binscarth, Manitoba, Canada

Additional Information

Burial Binscarth, Man., Can.

Child 3: Gertrude Bogart BROADWOOD

Name: Gertrude Bogart BROADWOOD
Sex: Female
Spouse: James ANDERSON (1870-1942)
Birth 30 Jan 1875 Mt. Forest, Ontario, Canada
Burial 27 Apr 1951 (age 76) Baltimore Cemetery
Death 23 Apr 1951 (age 76) Millbrook, Ontario, Canada

Additional Information

Burial Northumberland Co., Ont. Can.

Note on Husband: William BROADWOOD - shared note

The Broadwoods, 1993 Roy McGilvray.

Note on Wife: Mary Ann HAIGHT - shared note

The Broadwoods, 1993, Roy McGilvray.


*Town Cemetery records from Binscarth, Man.


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