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Harrison PROCTOR's other family: with Mary A. MILLARD ( -aft1885)

Family of Harrison PROCTOR and Maria CAMERON

Husband: Harrison PROCTOR (1825?-1916)
Wife: Maria CAMERON ( -aft1916)

Husband: Harrison PROCTOR

Name: Harrison PROCTOR
Sex: Male
Father: Henry PROCTOR ( -1828?)
Mother: Elizabeth DUNHAM (1789-1817)
Birth 1825 (app) East Gwillimbury Twp., York Co., Upper Canada
Death 11 Oct 1916 (age 90-91) East Gwillimbury T wp., York Co., Ontario, Canada

Wife: Maria CAMERON

Name: Maria CAMERON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death aft 1916

Note on Husband: Harrison PROCTOR - shared note

He was born on his parent's farm, Lot 100 Yonge Street in East Gwillimbury. His parents died when Harrison was about two years of age. Raised by an elder (probably half) brother, Edwin Proctor. Harrison eventually became apprenticed toa carpenter, working with John Armitage. He then returned to farming having "bought back the homestead farm [probably Lot 98 where he was living in 1885], which has been in the possession of the family for nearly a century, and where he lived a quiet life ....Mr. Proctor was a staunch Liberal in politics, and a worthy member of the Christian Church for many years. As the NEWMARKET ERA explained at the time of his death, Harrison "was around on Wednesday in his usual health, and in the afternoon rode home from a visit with is grandson, Mr. Fred Proctor, not far away, in a farm wagon. Afterwards he milked a cow and was about to turn the Separator in the barn when he said he felt strange. Mrs. Proctor, who was in the barn, called his son, Mr. John H. Proctor, but before he got to him his father was dead."


Information from Greg Stott

Note on Wife: Maria CAMERON - shared note

Information from Greg Stott


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