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Robert BRUS's parents: Robert de BRUS (1078?-1142?) and Agnes ( - )
Robert BRUS's brother: Adam de BRUS ( - )

Family of Robert de BRUS and Euphemia de CROSEBI

Husband: Robert de BRUS (bef1138-1194?)
Wife: Euphemia de CROSEBI ( - )
Children: Robert de BRUS ( -1191)
William de BRUS ( -1212)
Bernard de BRUS ( - )
Agatha de BRUCE (1105?-1142)
Euphemia de BRUS ( - )

Husband: Robert de BRUS

      Robert de BRUS, "Robert de Brus I"    
Name: Robert de BRUS
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Lord
Father: Robert de BRUS (1078?-1142?)
Mother: Agnes ( - )
Birth bef 1138
Title 2nd Lord of Annandale
Death 1194 (app) (age 55-56)

Wife: Euphemia de CROSEBI

Name: Euphemia de CROSEBI
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Robert de BRUS

Name: Robert de BRUS
Sex: Male
Death 1191

Child 2: William de BRUS

      William de BRUS, "Robert de Brus I"    
Name: William de BRUS
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Lord
Title 3rd Lord of Annandale
Death 16 Jul 1212

Child 3: Bernard de BRUS

Name: Bernard de BRUS
Sex: Male

Child 4: Agatha de BRUCE

      Spouse: Ranulf FITZ RIBALD, "Ranulf Fitz Robert"    
Name: Agatha de BRUCE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Ranulf FITZ RIBALD ( - )
Birth 1105 (est) Skelton Castle, Yorkshire, England
Death 1142 (age 36-37) Middleham Castle, Yorkshire, England

Child 5: Euphemia de BRUS

Name: Euphemia de BRUS
Sex: Female


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