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John SHOTWELL's other family: with Elizabeth SMITH (1718-1793)

Family of John SHOTWELL and Grace WEBSTER

Husband: John SHOTWELL (1712-1779)
Wife: Grace WEBSTER ( - )
Children: Hugh SHOTWELL ( - )
Jacob SHOTWELL ( - )
William Isaiah SHOTWELL ( - )
James SHOTWELL ( - )
Martha SHOTWELL ( - )
Susannah SHOTWELL ( - )
Mary SHOTWELL ( - )
Sarah SHOTWELL ( - )

Husband: John SHOTWELL

Sex: Male
Father: John SHOTWELL (1686-1762)
Mother: Mary THORNE (1686-1768)
Birth 3 Sep 1712 Rahway, Union, New Jersey
Death 1779 (age 66-67) Plainfield, Essex, New Jersey, USA

Wife: Grace WEBSTER

Name: Grace WEBSTER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Hugh SHOTWELL

Sex: Male

Child 2: Jacob SHOTWELL

Name: Jacob SHOTWELL
Sex: Male

Child 3: William Isaiah SHOTWELL

Name: William Isaiah SHOTWELL
Sex: Male

Child 4: James SHOTWELL

Name: James SHOTWELL
Sex: Male

Child 5: Martha SHOTWELL

Name: Martha SHOTWELL
Sex: Female

Child 6: Susannah SHOTWELL

Name: Susannah SHOTWELL
Sex: Female

Child 7: Mary SHOTWELL

Sex: Female

Child 8: Sarah SHOTWELL

Name: Sarah SHOTWELL
Sex: Female

Note on Husband: John SHOTWELL

from Shubal Smith Register


"John Shotwell's will, dated Dec. 5, 1776, named his son John Smith Shotwell, and then his children (by Grace Webster) Hugh, Jacob, William Isaiah, James, Martha Shotwell, Susannah

Townsend, Mary Stevens and Sarah Smith."


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