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Family of Stephen JACKSON and Nancy COOK

Husband: Stephen JACKSON (1750-1832)
Wife: Nancy COOK (1754-1843)
Children: Unknown JACKSON (1772- )
Unknown JACKSON (1774- )
William JACKSON (1775- )
Abel JACKSON (1786- )
Marriage 16 Feb 1771 Abbeville County, South carolina

Husband: Stephen JACKSON

      Stephen JACKSON, "USAFLASH"    
Name: Stephen JACKSON
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Patriot Captain
Father: Benjamin JACKSON (1719-1800)
Mother: Mary Lively RUSHING (1727?- )
Birth Apr 1750 Anson County, South Carolina, USA
Death 10 Sep 1832 (age 82) Chesterfield County, South Carolina

Wife: Nancy COOK

Name: Nancy COOK
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1754 North Carolina, USA
Death 9 May 1843 (age 88-89) Humphreys County, Tennessee

Child 1: Unknown JACKSON

Name: Unknown JACKSON
Sex: Male
Birth 1772

Child 2: Unknown JACKSON

Name: Unknown JACKSON
Sex: Male
Birth 1774

Child 3: William JACKSON

Name: William JACKSON
Sex: Male
Birth 1775

Child 4: Abel JACKSON

Name: Abel JACKSON
Sex: Male
Birth Aug 1786

Note on Husband: Stephen JACKSON



Known as "Killing Stephen," Stephen Jackson received this title after killing 6 Tories during the Revolutionary War and declaring that he would not quit until he had killed 20. Philip Rushing, a soldier who served under Capt. Stephen Jackson stated in his declaration for pension: "he recollects an anecdote of his Capt that is Capt Jackson that he the Capt usually said that he had killed 19 Tories and that he must kill the 20th before he stopped, that is with his own hand-he killed the nineteen." Stephen Jackson was a Captain in the South Carolina Militia and fought under General Francis Marion, also known as the Swamp Fox. He had two children with Nancy Cook, names unknown, who died during the Revolutionary War. This may explain his hatred for the Tories and his reported statement that he would quit killing Tories when he had killed twenty. Perhaps he intended to exact his revenge by ten fold for each child. Based upon land records, slave transactions and an 1804 Act of the North Carolina General Assembly, I think this is the Stephen Jackson who was also a consort of Nancy Ann Hendrick. It appears that Stephen was not living with his wife Nancy and she in fact had removed to Tennessee where she was living with her their surviving son Abel in Humphreys County by 1830. Divorce was not very easily attained in that day and it was not uncommon for husband and wife to split and lead separate lives. CPT Stephen Jackson is named numerous times in various Applications for Revolutionary War Pensions by men of the Cheraws or their wife in providing proof of service. Many of them served with or under Capt. Stephen Jackson.


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