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Robert DONHAM's parents: Robert DONHAM (1782-1846?) and Ruth FERGUSON ( - )

Family of Robert DONHAM and Emeline BENNETT

Husband: Robert DONHAM (1819?- )
Wife: Emeline BENNETT ( - )
Marriage 28 Mar 1844 Clermont, Ohio, USA 1

Husband: Robert DONHAM

Name: Robert DONHAM 2
Sex: Male
Father: Robert DONHAM (1782-1846?)
Mother: Ruth FERGUSON ( - )
Birth 1819 (app) Clermont, Ohio, USA 2

Wife: Emeline BENNETT

Name: Emeline BENNETT 2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -


1Scott T.S. Trimble, "Donham Family History" (1995-2000).
Text From Source: Marriage to Emeline BENNETT was performed by W.B. HANCOCK, MG. The marriage record has the name written as Omalim BENNETT.
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