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George FOSTER's other family: with Elizabeth LEWIS (1796-1877)
Sarah DUNHAM's other families: with Mark FENTON ( -1820?) and Peter DEGUERRE (1795?-1823)

Family of George FOSTER and Sarah DUNHAM

Husband: George FOSTER (1797?-1871?)
Wife: Sarah DUNHAM (1793-1867)
Children: George FOSTER (1834-1894)
Marriage 1833

Husband: George FOSTER

Name: George FOSTER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth (1) 1797 (app) England
Death (1) 1871 (app) (age 73-74) East Gwillimbury, York Upper, Ontario, Canada
Birth (2) 1797 England
Death (2) 1871 (age 73-74) East Gwillimbury Twp., York Co., Ontario, Canada

Wife: Sarah DUNHAM

Name: Sarah DUNHAM
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas DUNHAM (1763-1850)
Mother: Elizabeth TRAVIS (1773-1820)
Birth (1) 31 Jul 1793 Kings, New Brunswick, Canada
Death 27 Aug 1867 (age 74) probably East Gwillimsbury Twp., York Co., Ontairo, Canada
Birth (2) 31 Jul 1793 Kings Co., New Brunswick, Canada

Child 1: George FOSTER

Name: George FOSTER
Sex: Male
Spouse: (?) UNKNOWN ( - )
Birth 12 May 1834
Death 29 Nov 1894 (age 60)

Note on Husband: George FOSTER - shared note

His father-in-law, Thomas Dunham named him an executor of his will. George andSally lived on a farm in the third concession almost directly across the road from Thomas Dunham. Following Sally's death, George married his wife's step-mother, Betsy Dunham (nee Lewis). It would appear that George had been married once before his marriage to Sally, for in the 1851 census, an Emma Foster, aged 24 and a native of England was living with George, Sally and George, Junior.


Information from Greg Stott

Note on Wife: Sarah DUNHAM - shared note

Sarah, known to family and friends as "Sally", lived most of her married life (to all three husbands) across the road from her father, Thomas Dunham, in East Gwillimsbury Township.


Information from Greg Stott


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