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William CAPERS's other families: with Mary WRAGG ( - ) and Hannah COACHMAN ( - )
Mary SINGLETARY's parents: John SINGLETARY (1686- ) and Sarah WARNOCK ( - )

Family of William CAPERS and Mary SINGLETARY

Husband: William CAPERS (1758-1812)
Wife: Mary SINGLETARY (1766-1792)
Children: Sarah CAPERS ( - )
Gabriel CAPERS ( - )
Mary CAPERS ( - )
William CAPERS (1790- )
John CAPERS ( - )
Marriage 10 Sep 1783 1,2

Husband: William CAPERS

      William CAPERS, "RevWarSC-Lt"    
Name: William CAPERS 1,3
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Patriot
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1758 2
Military 1 Nov 1779 (age 20-21) First Lieutenant, 7th Co., Col. Francis Marion's SC Regiment; South Carolina
Death 12 Dec 1812 (age 53-54) 2


Name: Mary SINGLETARY 1,2
Sex: Female
Father: John SINGLETARY (1686- )
Mother: Sarah WARNOCK ( - )
Birth 6 Nov 1766 1
Death Mar 1792 (age 25) 1

Child 1: Sarah CAPERS

Name: Sarah CAPERS 2
Sex: Female

Child 2: Gabriel CAPERS

Name: Gabriel CAPERS 2
Sex: Male

Child 3: Mary CAPERS

Name: Mary CAPERS 2
Sex: Female

Child 4: William CAPERS

Name: William CAPERS 4
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Anna WHITE ( - )
Spouse 2: Susan MAGILL ( - )
Birth 19 Jan 1790 St. Thomas Parish, South Carolina 5

Child 5: John CAPERS

Name: John CAPERS 2
Sex: Male


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Text From Source: William Capers, my grandfather, was born in St. Thomas Parish, South Carolina, Oct. 13, 1758, and died on his plantation, "Woodland on the Hills," Sumpter District, South Carolina, Dec. 12, 1812, and was buried there. His wife was Hannah Coachman, of Georgetown, South Carohna. She came from a good substantial family; they were married in 1803; there were three children by this marriage, Benjamin Huger, Richard Coachman and Le Grand Guerry. He had been married twice before, having ten children in all, and the most prominent of these children was William, afterwards Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. All the sons were ministers except my father, who, true to the instincts of his father, followed the fortunes of a soldier till past middle life.

When the Revolutionary War broke out grandfather and his brother, my great uncle, Sinclair, joined their fortunes with Marion. From "Saffell's Records of the Revolutionary War," page 293, I quote as follows : "William Capers, First Lieutenant Seventh Company Col. Francis Marion's South Carolina Regiment as it stood November 1st, 1779."

William Capers as an officer in the Revolutionary War is also mentioned in "Johnson's Traditions of the Revolution" and "Histman's Historical Register." "Saffell's Record of the Revolution" is the highest possible authority in Revolutionary matters. Any direct descendant can become a Son or Daughter of the Revolution through this source.
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