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Family of Wade Hampton HART and Amanda DONHAM

Husband: Wade Hampton HART (1856-1891)
Wife: Amanda DONHAM (1862-1891)
Children: James Elbert HART (1883-1939)
Clara N HART (1886-1921)
Marriage 24 Dec 1882 Drew County, Arkansas

Husband: Wade Hampton HART

Name: Wade Hampton HART 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 28 Jun 1856 Rockingham, Richmond County, North Carolina
Death 4 Feb 1891 (age 34) Drew County, Arkansas
Burial Feb 1891 (age 34) Jordan Cemetery, Drew County, Arkansas
Census (1) 5 Jul 1860 (age 4) pg31-32-347,sheet31-32,house#225,family#225, P.O. Bostick Mills,FairGroundDistrict,RichmondCo.,NorthCarolina
Census (2) 11 Jul 1870 (age 14) Pg206-321b-207-322a, Huntsville, Madison County, AL 1870 Federal Census Index AL115110997
Census (3) 9 Jun 1880 (age 23) pg17-530A,District94, House#114, Drew County, Bearhouse Township, Arkansas pg 17-working on a farm for widow Garrison
Biography Biography pg 26-27(952-953)Chapter 32,Drew County, Ar.-Indexed as H. S. Hart in Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas-listed as brother of Horatio Scott Hart
Note (1) James Thomas Hart is the son of John B. Hart and nephew of Horatio Scott Hart, Wade Hampton Hart, Joseph Ellis Hart who also married Donham girls, James Thomas Hart married a granddaughter of James F
Note (2) Birthdate June 28, 1856 was on Wednesday, death February 4, 1891 was on Wednesday.
Note (3) Three brothers, Horatio Scott Hart, Wade Hampton Hart, and Joseph Ellis Hart all married Donham girls. Horatio married the youngest sister of James F. Donham, and his two brothers married the daughte

Wife: Amanda DONHAM

Name: Amanda DONHAM 1,2
Sex: Female
Father: James F. DONHAM (1833-1891)
Mother: Susan Ann R. GREEN (1837-1916)
Birth btw 11 Jun 1862 and 1 Aug 1862 Bearhouse Township, Drew County, Arkansas
Census (1) 1 Aug 1870 (age 8) Pg 2, sheet 2, house #15, family #15, Bearhouse Twsp, P.O. Monticello, Drew County, Arkansas
Census (2) 11 Jun 1880 (age 17-18) pg23-533C,sheet22,House#170, District94, Bearhouse Twsp,Drew Co.,Ar.
Biography 1890 (age 27-28) Index pg 26, Biography pg18- 944-Chapter 32,Drew County, Ar.-Indexed as James F. Danham in Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas-listed as deceased daughter-her tombstone has she di
Note (1) Amanda's tombstone has she was born 1861-died 1891, this stone was placed there years after her death by my grandmother, who would have been her daughter-in-law. The dates are probably incorrrect. T
Note (2) Amanda's birthdate was calculated per June 11, 1880 census, she was 17, August 1, 1870, she was 8. She could have a birthday between those dates changing her age.
Death 1891 (age 28-29) Bearhouse Township, Drew County, Arkansas
Burial 1891 (age 28-29) Jordan Cemetery, Drew County, Arkansas

Child 1: James Elbert HART

Name: James Elbert HART 1,2
Sex: Male
Spouse: Corrie Narcissus CARSON (1889-1982)
Birth 27 Nov 1883 Drew County, Arkansas
Death 16 Apr 1939 (age 55) Centerpoint, (Centerpoint Church), Drew County, Arkansas
Burial Apr 1939 (age 55) Centerpoint Cemetery, Drew County, Arkansas
Census (1) 6 Jun 1900 (age 16) pg8,sheet4B,ED 75,MarionTwsp,DrewCo.,Ar-living with Horatio Scott & Mattie Hart
Census (2) 26 Apr 1910 (age 26) pg44-58,sheet26A,ED34,BowieTwsp,Hudspeth,Chicot Co,Ar.
Census (3) 24 Jan 1920 (age 36) pg30, sheet 15B, ED78,house #330, family #332, Choctaw,Wilson Twsp, Ok
Census (4) 12 Apr 1930 (age 46) pg8,sheet4B,ED22,district7,House#82,Family#82,CollinsTownship,DrewCounty,Ar.
Military records 12 Sep 1918 (age 34) James Elbert Hart-age 34, born November 27, 1883, spouse, Corrie Narcissus Hart-location Hugo, Choctaw County, Ok-description-med height-slender build-brown eyes-black hair. World War I Draft Registra
Note Killed in a tornado that struck down on the church at Centerpoint. He was a pallbearer for John Best funeral that day. Most all were killed that were in the church. He was buried in the cemetery j

Child 2: Clara N HART

Name: Clara N HART 1,2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Albert A. AHRENS (1882- )
Birth 18 Oct 1886 Drew County, Ar.
Death 7 Nov 1921 (age 35) Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma
Census (1) 6 Jun 1900 (age 13) pg8,sheet4B,E.D.75,MarionTwsp,DrewCo.,Ar-living with Horatio Scott & Mattie Hart
Census (2) 20 Apr 1910 (age 23) pg11-166,sheet6A,E.D.51,MarionTwsp,117BaileySt,Monticello,DrewCo.,Ar.,Hart,Horat ioScott
Census (3) 12 Jan 1920 (age 33) pg12-256B, sheet 6B, ED 220,house #111, family #169, 532 North Main, Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma
Medical condition Clara fell while roller skating and injured her spine, causing her to be in a wheelchair for the remainder of her life.
Records AHRENS, Clara Vol 7:39 -Tulsa Funeral Home
Burial Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma


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