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Ida JOHNSON's other family: with Thomas Grover COLLINS (1890-1954)

Family of Joseph W. LIVESAY and Ida Mae JOHNSON

Husband: Joseph W. LIVESAY ( -1967)
Wife: Ida Mae JOHNSON (1904-1992)

Husband: Joseph W. LIVESAY

Name: Joseph W. LIVESAY 1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth "ABT. 1900"
Death 1967

Wife: Ida Mae JOHNSON

Name: Ida Mae JOHNSON 1
Sex: Female
Father: William Jessie JOHNSON (1866-1929)
Mother: Caladonia Belle PRESSLEY (1879-1926)
Birth 8 Jul 1904 Itasca, Hill County, Texas
Death 2 Aug 1992 (age 88) New Brownfield, Texas


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