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Family of Walter Seymour DUNHAM and Cora Bell CONOVER

Husband: Walter Seymour DUNHAM (1869-1925)
Wife: Cora Bell CONOVER (1872-1950)
Children: LeRoy James DUNHAM Sr. (1894-1970)
Russell H. DUNHAM (1896-1983)
Mae L. DUNHAM (1898-1918)
Walter Harold DUNHAM (1908-1957)
Marriage 17 Apr 1892 New Brunswick, NJ

Husband: Walter Seymour DUNHAM

Name: Walter Seymour DUNHAM 1
Sex: Male
Father: Ichabod Potter DUNHAM (1835-1899)
Mother: Catharine Alice REILY (1842-1901)
Birth 12 Jan 1869 Fords, Woodbridge Township, NJ 1
Residence 1880 (age 10-11) Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey, United States 1
Fact 1 See Note Page
Death 11 Aug 1925 (age 56) Fords, Woodbridge Township, NJ

Wife: Cora Bell CONOVER

Name: Cora Bell CONOVER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 10 Aug 1872 Dayton, NJ
Death 27 Feb 1950 (age 77) New Brunswick, NJ

Child 1: LeRoy James DUNHAM Sr.

Name: LeRoy James DUNHAM Sr.
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Loretta CONOVER ( - )
Spouse 2: Living LIDDLE ( - )
Birth 8 Sep 1894 Fords, Woodbridge Township, NJ
Fact 1 See Note Page
Death 27 Nov 1970 (age 76) Edison, NJ

Child 2: Russell H. DUNHAM

Name: Russell H. DUNHAM
Sex: Male
Spouse: Helen E UNKNOWN (1899-1991)
Birth 16 Dec 1896
Death 22 Feb 1983 (age 86)

Child 3: Mae L. DUNHAM

Name: Mae L. DUNHAM
Sex: Female
Birth 19 Nov 1898
Death 16 Oct 1918 (age 19)

Child 4: Walter Harold DUNHAM

Name: Walter Harold DUNHAM
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ellen Ruth SCHULTZ (1909-1973)
Birth 15 Jul 1908 Fords, Woodbridge Township, NJ
Death 4 Feb 1957 (age 48) Perth Amboy, New Jersey

Note on Husband: Walter Seymour DUNHAM - shared note

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