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Benjamin SINGLETARY's parents: Thomas SINGLETARY (1836-aft1907) and Susan PRICE (1840?- )

Family of Benjamin SINGLETARY and Margie Lou ISBELL

Husband: Benjamin SINGLETARY (1873- )
Wife: Margie Lou ISBELL ( - )
Children: Carl SINGLETARY ( - )
Willie Hugh SINGLETARY ( - )
Annie SINGLETARY ( - )
Otis A. SINGLETARY ( - )
Marriage 20 Dec 1892 1

Husband: Benjamin SINGLETARY

Name: Benjamin SINGLETARY 2,3,4
Sex: Male
Nickname: Doc
Father: Thomas SINGLETARY (1836-aft1907)
Mother: Susan PRICE (1840?- )
Birth 9 Jul 1873 Florence, Mississippi 3,5

Wife: Margie Lou ISBELL

Name: Margie Lou ISBELL 1,6
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Carl SINGLETARY

Sex: Male

Child 2: Willie Hugh SINGLETARY

Name: Willie Hugh SINGLETARY 1
Sex: Male

Child 3: Annie SINGLETARY

Name: Annie SINGLETARY 1
Sex: Female

Child 4: Otis A. SINGLETARY

Name: Otis A. SINGLETARY 1,6
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mae WALKER ( - )


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4"family knowledge". Robert Scot Singletary emails 10 April 2005 & 17 July 2013.
Text From Source: Regarding any info I might have on my own ancestry, I can trace my roots back to Thomas Singletary who died in NC around 1825. He was supposedly 5th generation of Richard, but according to the book I have this information from, "The Geneology of the Singletary-Curtis Family", originally compiled by Lou Singletary-Bedford in 1907, any authoritative proof of a link to RIchard is noted as follows: "The date of settlement of the ancestors of Thomas Singletary in NC seems to be lost in the mists of the past.....but it was probably sometime in the sevententh century. Thomas himself was born, raised and died there, the last event taking place in 1820. Judging by comparison, he probably belonged to the fifth generation from Richard..."

This book was updated in 1981 and came into my pocession from Helen Singletary Faulkenberry of Natchez, MS in the late 1980's. Helen was my grandfathers sister and the daughter of Benjamine Singletary of Gulfport, MS. According to the book, my ancestry is as follows:

Robert Scot Singletary b. 7/10/1956 (Married to Donna Williams, no children.)
son of
Otis A Singletary jr b. 10/31/1921, d. 9/20/2003 (Married to Gloria Walton)
son of
Otis A Singletary (MArried to Mae Walker)
son of
Benjamine "Doc" Singletary b. 7/9/1873 (Married to Margie Lou Isbell)
son of
Thomas Singletary b. 1836 in NC (Married to Susan Price)
son of
John Singletary b. 1800 in NC (Married Sarah Parker in 1825 in NC.)
son of
Thomas SIngletary d. 1820 in NC.
5Lou Singletary-Curtis, "Genealogy of the Singletary-Curtis Family" (New York, 1907). p. 36-37.
6"family knowledge". Robert Scot Singletary emails 10 April 2005 & 17 July 2013.


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