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William VENABLES's parents: Thomas VENABLES ( - ) and Margery STANLEY ( - )

Family of William VENABLES and Petronilla CAVERSWALL

Husband: William VENABLES ( -1541)
Wife: Petronilla CAVERSWALL ( - )
Children: Thomas VENABLES ( -1513)

Husband: William VENABLES

      William VENABLES, "Gilbert de Venables"    
Name: William VENABLES 1
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Sir
Father: Thomas VENABLES ( - )
Mother: Margery STANLEY ( - )
Title (1) 1495 16th Baron of Kinderton 1
Title (2) 1526 Sheriff of Cheshire 2
Death 1541 2

Additional Information

Title (1) This William Venables was great grandson of Hugh
Venables, tenth baron of Kinderton, being grandson of
his younger son William Venables constable of Chester,
who obtained the manors of Golborne and Moston, as
before mentioned. This succession was contested by
the representatives of Joane and Elizabeth Venables,
whose sons, as before mentioned, were found heirs
to their cousin, sir Hugh Venables, anno 38 Hen. VI.
and both parties are described in the inquisitions as
seized of the barony. William Venables, who succeeds
under the settlement, is so described 10 Hen. VII.; and
Thomas Venables his son, (who was slain at Floddon
Field) 5 Hen. VIII.; Richard Coton, 19 Hen. VII.;
and Thomas Coton, his son, 21 Hen. VII. These disputes
were partially settled by a compromise, and the
marriage of Elinor (finally coheir of Thomas Coton,
representative of Joane Venables) with sir William Venables of Kinderton and Golborne, grandson of William, who was heir under the settlement 3 Edw. IV.

Wife: Petronilla CAVERSWALL

Name: Petronilla CAVERSWALL 1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Thomas VENABLES

      Thomas VENABLES, "Gilbert de Venables"    
Name: Thomas VENABLES 1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Cicely STANLEY ( - )
Title 1509 17th Baron of Kinderton 1
Death 1513 Battle of Flodden Field 1

Additional Information

Death Cause: injuries in battle


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2Ibid. This William Venables was great grandson of Hugh.


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