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Family of Robert DUNHAM and Susan BURNE

Husband: Robert DUNHAM (1726-1790?)
Wife: Susan BURNE (1730-1800)
Children: Elizabeth DUNNAM (1748-1818)
Susan Mary DUNNAM (1753-1825?)
Joseph DUNHAM (1754?- )
Ann DUNHAM (1758- )
Robert Commander DUNNAM (1760-1813?)
Thomas DUNHAM (1763-1820?)
Hannah DUNHAM (1764-1812)
Marriage 1746 Dorchester, South Carolina 1

Husband: Robert DUNHAM

      Robert DUNHAM, "Musketman8"    
Name: Robert DUNHAM 2
Sex: Male
Father: John DUNHAM (1694?-bef1727)
Mother: Hannah RUSS (1696- )
Birth Nov 1726 1
Death 1790 (app) (age 63-64) Dunham's Bluff, Marion Co., SC 1
Burial 1790 (app) (age 63-64) his plantation at Dunham's Bluff, Marion Co., SC 1,3

Wife: Susan BURNE

Name: Susan BURNE 4
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1730 1
Death 1800 (age 69-70) 1

Child 1: Elizabeth DUNNAM

Name: Elizabeth DUNNAM 1
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Jonah WOODBURY (1741-aft1800)
Spouse 2: Unknown WILLIAMSON ( - )
Birth 1748 1
Death 1818 (age 69-70) 1

Child 2: Susan Mary DUNNAM

Name: Susan Mary DUNNAM 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: William DAVIS (1750-1824?)
Birth 1753 South Carolina 1
Death 1825 (app) (age 71-72) Marion District, South Carolina 1

Child 3: Joseph DUNHAM

Name: Joseph DUNHAM 5
Sex: Male
Birth 1754 (app) 1

Child 4: Ann DUNHAM

Name: Ann DUNHAM 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: John Peter PORT (1754- )
Birth 1758 1

Child 5: Robert Commander DUNNAM

Name: Robert Commander DUNNAM 1
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: Sr.
Spouse: Mary Ann DAVIS (1762-bef1825)
Birth 1760 Marion District, South Carolina 1
Death 1813 (app) (age 52-53) Baldwin County, Mississippi Territory 1

Child 6: Thomas DUNHAM

Name: Thomas DUNHAM 1
Sex: Male
Birth 1763 1
Death 1820 (app) (age 56-57) Columbia Co. Georgia 1

Child 7: Hannah DUNHAM

Name: Hannah DUNHAM 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Benjamin DAVIS (1754-1802)
Birth 1764 1
Death 1812 (age 47-48) 1


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2Ibid. Text From Source: Notes for ROBERT DUNHAM:

Even though Robert Dunham is not listed in the Parish Register of St Thomas and St Denis with the other children of John and Hannah Dunham, or on the Will of John Dunham written about 1725, I believe him to be a Son. He was born about 1726 according to the Davis History. Also the Davis History describes him as a brother of Ebenezer Dunham a son of John and Hannah who was included in the Will. Also Robert and his son Robert Commander Dunnam worked with John and Ebenezer Dunnam in gathering and selling supplies to General Francis Marion during the American Revolution like kin folk delivering and collecting for each other.

The fact that Robert Dunham and Susan Burn named one of their sons, Robert Commander Dunnam probably indicates another connection, since Ebenezer Dunham, his brother, and a son of John and Hannah married Frances Commander.

For these reasons and the fact they all spelled their name DUNNAM, I am placing Robert Dunham who married Susan Burne a son of John and Hannah Dunham.

Robert Dunham also had a plantation on the Great Pee Dee River near Snow Island where General Frances Marion would spend the Winter with his troops. A place there is presently known as Dunham's Bluff.

Also descendants of Both Robert and John migrated to South Alabama around 1808-20. Robert's descendants stayed in South Alabama and John's moved just across the line into Mississippi.
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Text From Source: Name: Robert Dunham
Cemetery: Dunham Bluff Plantation Cem
Location: Marion Co SC 70
4James Terrell Dunnam, "Dunnam Family Research from 1999" ( Text From Source: Notes for SUSAN BURNE:

Susan Burne had A brother names Andrew Burne, who worked with John, Ebenezer and Robert, in furnishing supplies to Gen. Francis Marion during the American Revolution.
5Ibid. Notes for SUSAN BURNE:


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