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James DUNNAM's other family: with Eary Ann KITTRELL (1860-1897)

Family of James Nathaniel DUNNAM and Mary Elizabeth DUNN

Husband: James Nathaniel DUNNAM (1855-1928)
Wife: Mary Elizabeth DUNN (1872-1935)
Children: Collie Elmo DUNNAM (1899-1972)
William McGillery DUNNAM (1901-1960)
Naomi Esther DUNNAM (1903-1966)
Jennie Elizabeth DUNNAM (1905- )
Ione Estelle DUNNAM (1907- )
Myrtle Mozilla DUNNAM (1911-2002)
Marriage 2 Mar 1899 Greene County, Mississippi 1

Husband: James Nathaniel DUNNAM

Name: James Nathaniel DUNNAM 1
Sex: Male
Father: Ebenezer McCants DUNNAM (1829-1920)
Mother: Jane HENDERSON (1833-1914)
Birth 7 Sep 1855 Indian Hill, Mississippi 1
Death 25 Aug 1928 (age 72) Indian Hill, Mississippi 1

Wife: Mary Elizabeth DUNN

Name: Mary Elizabeth DUNN 1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 20 Mar 1872 Wayne County, Mississippi 1
Death 20 Sep 1935 (age 63) Indian Hill, Mississippi 1

Child 1: Collie Elmo DUNNAM

Name: Collie Elmo DUNNAM 1
Sex: Male
Birth 23 Dec 1899 Greene County, Mississippi 1
Death 19 Nov 1972 (age 72) Jackson, Mississippi 1

Child 2: William McGillery DUNNAM

Name: William McGillery DUNNAM 1
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: Sr.
Spouse: Harriet Eva Lee KITTRELL (1901-1986)
Birth 11 Oct 1901 Greene County, Mississippi 1
Death 17 Nov 1960 (age 59) Greene County, Mississippi 1

Child 3: Naomi Esther DUNNAM

Name: Naomi Esther DUNNAM 1
Sex: Male
Birth 30 May 1903 1
Death 5 Oct 1966 (age 63) 1

Child 4: Jennie Elizabeth DUNNAM

Name: Jennie Elizabeth DUNNAM 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Hugh WILSON ( - )
Birth 17 Feb 1905 Greene County, Mississippi 1

Child 5: Ione Estelle DUNNAM

Name: Ione Estelle DUNNAM 1
Sex: Female
Birth 7 Mar 1907 1

Child 6: Myrtle Mozilla DUNNAM

Name: Myrtle Mozilla DUNNAM 1
Sex: Female
Birth 8 Jan 1911 Greene County, Mississippi 1
Death 15 Apr 2002 (age 91) Gulfport, Mississippi 1

Note on Husband: James Nathaniel DUNNAM

Jim Dunnam was born in Greene County, Ms., and lived there all his life. He grew up on a farm, where his father was a farmer and Methodist Protestant Lay Pastor. He was a active member of the Mutual Rights Methodist Church, Avera, MS. He was a farmer and business man operating a Gris Mill and Saw Mill, locate on a creek in Indian Hill Community. He leased a section of land known as the Sixteenth Section which was set apart, and monies received used to support public schools. On this land he raised cotton.


He was married twice and reared a large family by each of his wives. After his first wife Eary Ann Kittrell died he married Mary Elizabeth (Molly) Dunn.1


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