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Family of Fred WARD and Edith Odessa DRAKE

Husband: Fred WARD ( - )
Wife: Edith Odessa DRAKE (1892-1951)
Children: George WARD ( - )
Kathryn WARD ( - )
Marriage Dec 1913 Billings, Montana 1

Husband: Fred WARD

Name: Fred WARD 1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Edith Odessa DRAKE

Name: Edith Odessa DRAKE 2
Sex: Female
Father: Benjamin Ashley DRAKE (1849-1915)
Mother: Sarah Eliza BEIGHLEY (1851-1950)
Birth 11 Apr 1892 Sugar Grove, Vernon, Wisconsin 1
Death 15 Aug 1951 (age 59) Helena, Montana 1

Child 1: George WARD

Name: George WARD 3
Sex: Male

Child 2: Kathryn WARD

Name: Kathryn WARD 3
Sex: Female
Spouse: Roy Lee PEDEN ( -1997)

Note on Wife: Edith Odessa DRAKE - shared note

Edith and Fred Went to Montana as teachers. (from papers sent to me by Vera Knowlton).


1"Obituary Aug 1951 Helena, Montana sent by Mrs. Katheryn Ward-Peden".
2Sent by Mrs. Kathryn Ward-Peden, "Obituary - Mrs. Fred Ward (Edith Drake) 15 Aug 1951". Text From Source: Mrs. Fred Ward (Edith Odessa Drake) passed away in Helena Montana 15 Aug 1951. Her parents were Benjamin and Sarah Drake, and the family had lived in the Kickapoo Valley of Wisconsin since the Civil War.


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