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Louisa BURROUGHS's parents: James H. BURROUGHS ( - ) and Charity DRAKE (1791-1833)

Family of Andrew Brooks VANNOY and Louisa BURROUGHS

Husband: Andrew Brooks VANNOY ( - )
Wife: Louisa BURROUGHS (1829-1924)
Marriage 31 Dec 1851 River Church 1

Additional Information

Marriage Pennington, Mercer Co., NJ

Husband: Andrew Brooks VANNOY

Name: Andrew Brooks VANNOY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Burial Sego Cemetery 2

Additional Information

Burial Lodi Twp, Reno Co., KS

Wife: Louisa BURROUGHS

Name: Louisa BURROUGHS
Sex: Female
Father: James H. BURROUGHS ( - )
Mother: Charity DRAKE (1791-1833)
Birth 15 Jun 1829 Near Pennington, Mercer Co., NJ 2
Burial 1924 (age 94-95) Sego Cemetery 2
Death 26 Nov 1924 (age 95) Alden, Rice, Kansas, USA 2

Additional Information

Burial Lodi Twp, Reno Co., KS

Note on Husband: Andrew Brooks VANNOY - shared note

Andrew Brooks Vannoy was living some 10 miles from Trenton, NJ in March, 1865. That same month he left NJ and located some 18 miles SW of Rock Island, IL, remaining there until April 1867; locating in Missouri near and South of Sedalia, Cedar Co; remaining there some 6 months; locating some 2 miles from Hiatsville, KS in Blourbon Co. In a878 he located on a farm in Loda Township, Reno County, KS.

Note on Wife: Louisa BURROUGHS - shared note

Louisa was a twin to sister, Sarah.


1Terry Bradley 9790 S Prairie Rd., Tillamook, OR 97141, "Terry Bradley". Text From Source: Louisa Vannoy Burroughs, born 15 Jun 1829 in Near Pennington, Mercer Co., NJ died 26 Nov 1924 in Alden, Rice Co., KS. She married Andrew Brooks Vannoy 31 Dec 1851 in River Church, Pennington, Mercer Co., NJ


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