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Family of Alexander MORE and Isobell CHRYSTIE

Husband: Alexander MORE (bef1670-aft1700)
Wife: Isobell CHRYSTIE ( - )
Children: Martha MOORE (1700?-1775)
Marriage 24 Apr 1686 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland

Husband: Alexander MORE

      Alexander MORE, "scotland"    
Name: Alexander MORE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth bef 1670 Glascow, Scotland
Residence (1) bef 1689 (age 18-19) New London, Connecticut 1
Residence (2) 25 Mar 1689 (age 18-19) East Hampton, New York
Death aft 1700 (age 29-30)

Wife: Isobell CHRYSTIE

Name: Isobell CHRYSTIE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Martha MOORE

Name: Martha MOORE 2
Sex: Female
Spouse: John FREEMAN (1698-1761)
Birth 1700 (app) poss. Scotland
Death Dec 1775 (age 74-75) New Jersey 3

Note on Husband: Alexander MORE - shared note

Alexander More of New London, Connecticut, and East Hampton, New York

On March 28, 1689, at East Hampton, New York, Alexander More (or Moore) "of New London" acknowledged a deed drawn on March 25th by which Moore leased to Richard Shaw of East Hampton for ninety-nine years a house, orchard and land in New London.

Source: East Hampton, New York, Town Records, 2:243.


Source for the above: William Henry Moore and His Ancestry with Accounts of the Moore Families in the American Colonies, 1620-1730. by L. Effingham DeForest, M.A., J.D., F.I.A.G., F.S.C. and Anne Lawrence DeForest, published by The DeForest Publishing Company New York, New York, 1914. pg. 200.



From Patty Barthall Myers (1995) Ancestors Descendants Of Lewis Ross Freeman, p.16.


Monnette claimed she was a daughter of Captain John2 Moore (Samuel1) and Hope Robbins (d/o Daniel). There is no evidence that John and Hope (Robbins) Moore had a daughter named Martha. Willis Freeman said she was d/o Alexander Moore of New London, Conn. This seems much more likely since she named a son Alexander and in her wIll she mentioned land she owned in New London or New England.

. . .

Elias Freeman, great grandson of John Freeman, relates in part: "John Freeman was my ancestor, he was the first male child born in America of the Woodbridge stock, and was my great grandfather... he married a Scotch lass, named Martha Moore (whose father came from Glasgow in Scotland) and settled on the road leading from

Uniontown to the Oak Tree." (Willis Freeman Collection.)


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