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Bertha Mabel DUNHAM (1881-1957)

Name: Bertha Mabel DUNHAM
Sex: Female
Father: Martin DUNHAM (1855-1920)
Mother: Magdalena EBY (1851-1929)

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth 1881
Death 1957 (age 75-76)

Individual Note (shared)

Mabel Dunham was a librarian at the Kitchener Public Library and was instrumental in setting up a children's program there, gaining much success in the venture, and her ideas were frequently copied.

Her biggest claim to fame, however, was in her writing of historical fiction, basing two of her books, THE TRAIL OF THE CONESTOGA (1924) and TOWARDS SODOM on the experiences of her mother's family, the Pennsylvania Dutch. Her book TRAIL OF THE KING'S MEN was a look at the United Empire Loyalists, and some claim based on the lives of her ancestors, although no members of the Dunham family are mentioned in it. It follows mostly upon the experiences of Sir John Johnson and his wife, Polly DeLancey.


Information from Greg Stott


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