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Alan WALDESHEF's other family: with Avelina ( - )
Alan WALDESHEF's father: Henry de WALDESHEF ( -bef1243)
Lucy OKEOVER's other family: with William de LA LAUNDE ( - )
Lucy OKEOVER's father: Hugh de ACOVERE ( - )

Family of Alan de WALDESHEF and Lucy de OKEOVER

Husband: Alan de WALDESHEF (1245?- )
Wife: Lucy de OKEOVER ( -bef1287)
Children: Edmund WALDESHEF (1279?- )
Marriage 1278 1

Husband: Alan de WALDESHEF

      Alan de WALDESHEF, "Alan de Waldeshef"    
Name: Alan de WALDESHEF 2,3
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Lord
Father: Henry de WALDESHEF ( -bef1243)
Mother: -
Birth 1245 (est) England
Title (1) Knight
Civil (1) 1277 (age 31-32) Poached a doe; The Peak Forest, England 4
Civil (2) 1278 (age 32-33) Alan & Lucy file claim against the Prior of Malton a mill, 7 bovates and 3 acres of land in Neuton 1
Civil (3) 1281 (age 35-36) Alan & Lucy warranteed her daughter, Joan's, claim on land in Alsop-en-le-Dale, Derbyshire 5
Civil (4) 20 May 1281 (age 35-36) Witnessed charter of Edmund, the king's brother, of a grant by Simon de Montforti, late earl of Leicester, to the Order of St. John; Westminster, London, England 6
Civil (5) 10 Apr 1292 (age 46-47) Going overseas with Edmund, the king's brother,; Stepney, London, England 7
Caution The documentation of this person does not include evidence of parentage.
Civil (6) 8 May 1293 (age 47-48) Going overseas with Edmund, the king's brother; Westminster, London, England 8
Military (1) 1296 (est) (age 50-51) Lord Marshal's Roll #11 & Collin's Roll
Military (2) 1300 (est) (age 54-55) Galloway Roll & St. George's Roll
Title (2) 1301 (age 55-56) Lord 9
Civil (7) 1301 (age 55-56) Plaintiff with Earl William de Ferrar in Ferrers versus Lancaster; St. Paul's, London, England 10

Additional Information

Military (2) Roll of Arms during Edward I's campaign against the Scots

Wife: Lucy de OKEOVER

Name: Lucy de OKEOVER
Sex: Female
Father: Hugh de ACOVERE ( - )
Mother: -
Death bef 1287

Child 1: Edmund WALDESHEF

      Edmund WALDESHEF, "Edmund de Waldeshef"    
Name: Edmund WALDESHEF 3,11
Sex: Male
Birth 1279 (est) 12
Caution The documentation of this person does not declare parentage. The similarity of shields suggests a parental relationship between Alan and Edmund. Alan may also have named his son after the king's brother with whom he travelled.
Civil 6 Jul 1329 (age 49-50) Given protection while overseas with henry, Earl of Lancaster; Hereford, England 13

Note on Wife: Lucy de OKEOVER



In 1281, Richard and Joan were involved in a dispute with Letitia, the widow of Alexander le Mercer of Ashbourne, over her dower lands in Alsop (11)(12)(13).

Its not clear whether there was any family relaionship between Richard or Joan and Letitia, but its certainly possible as Joan's mother Lucy and her stepfather

Alan de Waldschef were named as vouching warranty for half of the disputed claim (11)(14)(15).


15 "The Rolls of the 1281 Derbyshire Eyre" published by the Derbyshire Record Society. Entry A10 from the Lincolshire Eyre of 1281, reads:

Quindene of Trinity. Alan de Waldschef and Lucy, warrantors of Richard de Morley and Joan, defaulted. Sheriff had done nothing nor sent the writ. Ordered to summon them for quindene of Michaelmas and be present to hear judgement on himself. John de la Plaunche and Elena did not come. Same day given to all parties.

Essoins for Richard de Morley and Joan's attorneys against Letitia and for John de la Plaunche and Elena. Alan de Waldeschelf and Lucy, John and Elena, warrantors, to be exacted. To quindene of Michaelmas. It did not lie because no summons was attested.

Essoins for attorneys of Letitia against Alan and Lucy.

Octave of St John the Baptist. Essoins for Richard de Morley and Joan against Letitia in a plea of dower.



Lucy was probably born in Okeover around the 1230s (1), the daughter of Hugh de Acovere (2)(3)(4).


She married William de la Launde (2)(3)(4) of Newton, near Pickering in Yorkshire, probably in the early 1250s. They settled at Caldelowe in Derbyshire, on the lands granted her by her father, and had a daughter Joan, followed by a son William around 1261, then another son John and another daughter Matilda (5).


Her husband died in or shortly before 1270 (2). Following his death, the king granted Lucy's marriage to Thierry le Alemaunt (7), but Lucy bought it (and the right to her heirs' marriages) back from him the following year (8).

She eventually remarried to Alan de Waldeskaf, sometime before 1278 (9). She and Alan vouched for her daughter Joan, and Richard de Morley her husband, in a dispute over land in Alsop, Derbyshire in 1281 (10)(11)(12). Nothing later is known of her.


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Inspeximus and confirmation of a charter of Edmund, the king's brother, dated att London, 20 may, 9 Edward I. being a ratification of the grant in frank almoin made by Simon de Montforti, laate earl of Leicester, to the hospital and fraternity of St. John, Hunbgerford, for lodging poor, sick and infirm persons, of the half virgate od land formerly held by William le Broddere of him in villeinage in Snadone, with a meadow of his demesne near his tank on the north side in Hungerford.

Witnesses: - William de Vescy, Rischard Fukeran, Laurence de Sancto Mauro, Ralph his brother, William de Kughenho and Alan de Waldespf, knights, Hugh de Vienna, John Russelli, clerks, and others.
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brother, and the following, going beyond seas on the king's service:
Walter de Bathon[ia].
Alan de Waldeshef.
Reginald de Sancto Martino.
Master Ralph de Bannebury, clerk.
Walter de Rading.
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Alan de Waldeshef, going beyond seas with Edmund the king's brother, nominating Thomas de Hanechuch for one year.
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Text From Source: Sept. 12.

Simple protection, until Christmas, for Henry earl of Lancaster, going beyrond seas. By K.
The like for the following, going with him:
Henry de Ferariis, William le Blount, William de Walkynton, Thomas de Ferariis, kinights.
Geoffrey de Bicleswad, John de Givewell, Richard Passemer, Simon de Bisegge, Ralph de Lavyngton, Walter de Melbourne, clerks.
John le Blount, Roger de Stok, Edmund Waldeboef, Geoffrey de Walcote, Master John le Keu, Simon Symioun, Gilbert de Ledred, Robert de Wolaston, John Aldewyncle, John Owein, John de Hamsted, yeoman.
University of Iowa Library,


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