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William WALDESHEF's father: Henry de WALDESHEF ( -bef1243)

Family of William de WALDESHEF

Husband: William de WALDESHEF (1235?- )
Wife: (unknown)
Children: William de WALDESHEF (1255?-bef1320)

Husband: William de WALDESHEF

Name: William de WALDESHEF
Sex: Male
Father: Henry de WALDESHEF ( -bef1243)
Mother: -
Birth 1235 (est)
Civil 10 Sep 1267 (age 31-32) Pardoned at the instance of Richard de Waldeshef for the death of Geoffrey Hutteman of Eastnor, Herefordshire; Shrewsbury, England 1

Child 1: William de WALDESHEF

      William de WALDESHEF, "William de Waldeshef"    
Name: William de WALDESHEF 2
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margery ( - )
Birth 1255 (est)
Residence 1279 (age 23-24) Chesterton, Huntingdonshire, England 3
Title btw 1279 and 1316 (age 23-61) Lord of Waldeshef Manor; Chesterton, Huntingdonshire, England
Civil (1) 1279 (age 23-24) claimed right to take 10,000 turves annually; Conington, Huntingdonshire, England 4
Civil (2) 11 May 1281 (age 25-26) acknowledges that he owes Iterius de Ingolisma 25l.; Westminster, London, England 5
Civil (3) 2 Aug 1281 (age 25-26) attorney for Brutus de Porta, merchant of Bordeaux; Eastwood, England 6
Civil (4) 1282 (age 26-27) witnessed grant of toft between two daughters of Sir Eustace de Burneby 7
Civil (5) 8 Jun 1285 (age 29-30) mainperned Eustace de Parles; Westminster, London, England 8
Civil (6) aft 29 Sep 1301 (age 45-46) paid 20s for despatching the Prior's business in the plea of Curtlinton; Bicester, Oxfordshire, England 9
Civil (7) 30 Nov 1301 (age 45-46) attended Feast of St. Andrew; Priory of Bicester, Oxfordshire, England 10
Civil (8) 13 Jan 1302 (age 46-47) attended Feast of St. Hilary; Priory of Bicester, Oxfordshire, England 11
Civil (9) 25 Jun 1304 (age 48-49) feoffment of messuage and croft to John Cook; Aylington, Huntingdonshire, England 12
Civil (10) 2 Jul 1304 (age 48-49) license to alienate messuage and 20 acres in Wodeston to the abbot of Thorneye; Stirling, England 13
Civil (11) 22 Nov 1304 (age 48-49) license to alienate 30 acres in Wodeston to the abbot of Thorneye; Burstwick, England 14
Death btw 1316 and 1320 (age 60-65) 15


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License, in consideration of a fine made in the Chauncery by the abbott, for the alienation in mortmain by William de Waldeshef to the abbott and convent of Thorneys of a messuage and 20 acres of land in Wodeston.
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The like [license to alinate in mortmain], in consideration of a fine made by the abbot in the Chancery, for the like by William de Coldham to the abbot and convent of Thorneye of a messuage and a moiety of a virgate of land in Walmesford and Stibinton, and by William Waldeshef of 30 acres of land in Wodeston.
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William was holding the manor in 1316, (fn. 16) but apparently died before 13201, when John, his son, gave lands in Chesterton to his brother Nicholas and Margaret his wife, and William their son. (fn. 17)
British History Online. Web:


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