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Jacob FITZ RANDOLPH's parents: Samuel FITZ RANDOLPH (1668-1754) and Mary JONES ( -1760)

Family of Jacob FITZ RANDOLPH and Unknown UNKNOWN

Husband: Jacob FITZ RANDOLPH (1708-1782)
Wife: Unknown UNKNOWN ( - )

Husband: Jacob FITZ RANDOLPH

Sex: Male
Father: Samuel FITZ RANDOLPH (1668-1754)
Mother: Mary JONES ( -1760)
Birth 23 Mar 1708 Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey, USA
Death Apr 1782 (age 74) Blazing Star, Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey, USA

Wife: Unknown UNKNOWN

Name: Unknown UNKNOWN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Note on Husband: Jacob FITZ RANDOLPH

from Descendants of Edward Fitz Randolph, 1950, p.19.


42. JACOB4 FITZ RANDOLPH (14), born Woodbridge, Mar. 23, 1708; died at Blazing Star, N.J., 1779/1782; will dated May 12, 1779,, proved Apr. 27, 1782. He probably had two wives. The first is unknown, but the second was almost certainly his much-married cousin, MARY4 (FITZ RANDOLPH - THORNE - FITZ RANDOLPH - HORSEMAN) JACKSON, No. 46.


In his will Jacob speaks of his daughter, Mary Coddington. This has been universally acepted as the Mary Fitz Randolph who married first, lic. Oct . 16, 1756, Samuel Coddington, who died before July 29, 1757; and who married second, lic. Dec. 20, 1760, Gabriel Compton, it is inconceivable that he should have called her Mary Coddington. And as Edward3 Fitz Randolph, No. 16, speaks of his grand-daughter Mary Coddington in his will of 1759, it seems certain that she was the one who married Gabriel Compton in 1760.


Children: 2nd, 3rd and 5th born at Blazing Star, N.J.:

i. SAMUEL5. Probably the eldest son. It seems almost sure that he was the Samuel who married, license Oct. 20, 1750, MARTHA GACH.

101. ii. ISAAC, b. 1730/1.

102. iii. REUBEN, b. Feb. 3, 1733.

iv. JOTHAM. Died about 1782, when administration was granted to Mary Fitz Randolph, probably his widow.

103. v. JACOB, b. 1737.

104. vi. JOSEPH.,

vii. MARY. She married first, CALEB JONES, son of Edward Jones of Woodbridge whose will, proved Apr. 1, 1762, namnes wife Mary and seven children under age, Edward, Jacob, Caleb, Catherine, Mary, Abigail, and Tabitha. This Tabitha Jones is mentioned in the will of her grandfather Jacob Fitz Randolph (No. 42), and also in the will of her uncle Joseph, No. 104. Mary (Fitz Randolph) Jones married second, ______ CODDINGTON [113].

viii. JOHANNAH. Married at Woodbridge, license dated Dec. 30, 1769 [29], JACOB THORNE, JR. son of Jacob & Susanna (Shotwell) Thorne.



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