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Samuel FITZ RANDOLPH's other family: with Johannah KINSEY (1705-1752)
Samuel FITZ RANDOLPH's parents: Samuel FITZ RANDOLPH (1668-1754) and Mary JONES ( -1760)

Family of Samuel FITZ RANDOLPH and Frances UNKNOWN

Husband: Samuel FITZ RANDOLPH (1694- )
Wife: Frances UNKNOWN ( - )

Husband: Samuel FITZ RANDOLPH

Sex: Male
Father: Samuel FITZ RANDOLPH (1668-1754)
Mother: Mary JONES ( -1760)
Birth 16 Dec 1694
Occupation 1750 (age 55-56) Owner & Master of sloop Mary; Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey, USA

Wife: Frances UNKNOWN

Name: Frances UNKNOWN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Note on Husband: Samuel FITZ RANDOLPH

from Descendants of Edward Fitz Randolph p 17:


Samuel and his brother Joseph (No.41) were captains of the sloops Sunflower and Elizabeth, plying between Amboy and Boston and the carolinas - later to Jamaica and Curacoa.


From NJ Archives, Journal of the Governor's Council, 1951, Samuel also had the sloop Mary of Woodbridge.


That on or about the 19th of September last past [1949], he this examinant Sailed out of the Port of Perth Amboy on Board the Sloop Mary Samuel FitzRandolph owner, and Master; ...


... that they, the said Thomas Edwards & Kinsey FitzRandolph had cut a hole at the foot of the Lar-board Cabin through the Bulkhead into the hold of the said FitzRandolph's Sloop, where the money had been lodged by the Spaniards; ...


-- that the said money was divided amongst the Sloops Crew as follows, to wit, Kinsey FitzRandolph, mate of the said Sloop, Samuel FitzRandolph junr Thomas Edwards, Benjamin Moore Joseph Jackson & Silas Walker and this Examinant


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