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Esther CRANE's parents: John CRANE ( - ) and Esther WILLIAMS ( - )

Family of David DUNHAM and Esther CRANE

Husband: David DUNHAM (1704-bef1772)
Wife: Esther CRANE ( -bef1773)
Children: James DUNHAM (1722-1796)
John DUNHAM (1732?-1811)
Joseph DUNHAM (1736?-1776)
Sarah DUNHAM ( - )
Abigail DUNHAM ( - )
Mary DUNHAM (1746-1812)
David DUNHAM (1751-1826)

Husband: David DUNHAM

Name: David DUNHAM 1,2,3
Sex: Male
Father: Nathaniel DONHAM alias Singletary (1679-1727)
Mother: Joannah THORNELL (1684-1730)
Birth 1704 Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey, USA 1,2
Death bef 1 Sep 1772 (age 67-68) Elizabethtown, Essex, New Jersey, USA 1,4

Wife: Esther CRANE

Name: Esther CRANE 2,5
Sex: Female
Father: John CRANE ( - )
Mother: Esther WILLIAMS ( - )
Death bef 2 Mar 1773 Elizabethtown, Essex, New Jersey, USA 6

Child 1: James DUNHAM

Name: James DUNHAM 7
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah UNKNOWN ( -1820)
Birth 1722 4
Death 7 Jun 1796 (age 73-74) 4

Child 2: John DUNHAM

Name: John DUNHAM 8
Sex: Male
Spouse: Keziah MARSH (1737-1809)
Birth 1732 (app) 9
Death 12 Nov 1811 (age 78-79) Westfield, Union, New Jersey, USA 9

Child 3: Joseph DUNHAM

Name: Joseph DUNHAM 10
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hannah UNKNOWN (1738?-1781)
Birth 1736 (app) 11
Death 27 Dec 1776 (age 39-40) Westfield, Union, New Jersey, USA 11

Child 4: Sarah DUNHAM

Name: Sarah DUNHAM 12
Sex: Female
Spouse: Unknown LITTELL ( - )

Child 5: Abigail DUNHAM

Name: Abigail DUNHAM 13
Sex: Female
Spouse: Unknown LOSE ( - )

Child 6: Mary DUNHAM

      Spouse: Abraham TERRILL, "Musketman8"    
Name: Mary DUNHAM 14
Sex: Female
Nickname: Polly
Spouse: Abraham TERRILL (1735-1791)
Birth 12 Nov 1746 Westfield, Union, New Jersey, USA 11
Death 8 Sep 1812 (age 65) Rahway, Union, New Jersey 11

Child 7: David DUNHAM

      David DUNHAM, "Musketman8"    
Name: David DUNHAM 15
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Patriot
Spouse: Freelove DECAMP (1758-1784)
Birth 18 Dec 1751 Westfield, Union, New Jersey, USA 11
Death 1826 (age 74-75) 11

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1771, April 30. Dunham, David, of Elizabethtown, Essex Co., will of. Wife, Esther,
all personal estate and use of the real. Son, Joseph, the remainder of the house and land I bought of Abraham Meeker, lying on the west sIde of Raway River, and contains 30
acres. Sons, John, Joseph and David, the remainder of my salt meadow, lying in Raway Meadows, which I bought of Joseph Ogden, Benjamin Williams and Samuel Williams,
of 12 acres. Son, David, the remainder of the homestead where I lIve, when he is 21.
Executors -- wife, Esther, and my son, John. Witnesses -- John Blanchard, Richard Stiles, John Dehart. Proved 1 Sept 1772. (N.J. Arch., 34:153.)

1772, Sept. 3. Dunham, Esther, of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co., will of. Son James
Dunham, my late husband's apparel. Daughters, Sarah Littell, Abigal Lose and Mary Terrel, the rest of my estate; but abigal is not to have the care of her part, but my
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father. Perhaps James was s/o Esther by a previous husband and was adopted by David. This is pure conjecture, but note that Esther (Crane) Dunham names her son James, but he is not mentioned in the will of her husband, David Dunham.
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Text From Source: Littell calls him half-brother of James. John was an executor of his father's will and also an executor of his mother's will. Children: Nancy (Anna), m. Westfield Presby. Ch., 18 Jul 1773 James Tappen (GMNJ, 9:15, "Lost Recs. of Westfield Presby. Ch."), b. 1750, d. 9 Dec 1801, Private from N.J. in Rev. War (DAR Patriot Index), and went to Ohio; Hetty, b. m Jacob High, bpt. Westfield Presby. Ch., 11 Oct 1766 along with his brothers and sisters (GMNJ, 9:13, "Lost Recs. of Westfield Presby. Church"), s/o John High and Deborah Crane of Westfield, removed from Westfield to Sterling Valley, (the great swamp) about the year 1787; John, b. 1756, d. 29 Oct 1825, Private from N.J. in Morris Co., N.J., Militia, also State Troops and Continental Line, received a pension, m/1 Westfield Presby. Ch., 9 Feb 1775 Sarah High (GMNJ, 9:15, where she is named
Sarah Hie), sister of Jacob, m/2 Patty Smalley, d/o David, Esq.; Jane, b. 8 May 1764, m. Norris Crane, b. 9 Feb 1764, s/o Benjamin Crane and Phebe Halsey, lived in Sterling Valley; Betsey, m. 25 Mar 1797 Samuel5 Potter, s/o Caleb4 Potter (Samuel,3 Daniel,2 Samuel1) and Phebe Parrot;
Polly, m. Enos Meeker of Connecticut Farms, now Union; Phebe, m. 14 Feb 1796 Joseph Ogden Meeker, s/o Jotham of Plainfield. (Littell, pp. 105-6, 147, 183, 328; Dunham, p.51.)
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Text From Source: She was mentioned in her mother's will as daughter Sarah Littell.
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Text From Source: She was mentioned in her mother's will as daughter Abigail Lose.
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Text From Source: Mary was mentioned in the will of her mother. Son: Thomas Terrill, b. prob. Rahway, N.J., 16 Oct 1784, d. there 1 Feb 1839 or 1859, m. 13 Oct 1814 Sylvania Everett, b. 2 Aug 1793, d. 17 Dec 1841. (DAR 456299.)
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Text From Source: He was mentioned in his father's will as under 21 years. Dau: Deborah, b. 19 Aug 1779, m. John Littell, b. 29 Nov 1774, s/o John Littell (Benjamin, Samuel) and Phebe Thompson. (Littell, p. 223.)


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