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William DUNHAM's other family: with Lydia EVANS (1807?-1861)

Family of William DUNHAM and Nancy WILSON

Husband: William DUNHAM (1803-1884)
Wife: Nancy WILSON ( - )

Husband: William DUNHAM

Name: William DUNHAM
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas DUNHAM (1763-1850)
Mother: Elizabeth TRAVIS (1773-1820)
Birth (1) 8 Feb 1803 York, Ontario, Canada
Death 23 Sep 1884 (age 81) Brougham, Pickering Twp., Ontario, Canada
Birth (2) 8 Feb 1803 York Co., Ontario, Canada

Wife: Nancy WILSON

Name: Nancy WILSON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Note on Husband: William DUNHAM - shared note

William left his farm to his grandson, Walter Soules, although he made the strict stipulation that this behest was "Subject nevertheless to the Support and maintenance of my Daughter Elenor Soules, born Dunham, and her husband John W. Soules, for and during the term of their natural lives...." William did not neglect his other grand children and directed that in return for the farm "Walter Soules was to pay his two eldest sister, Hester Reid and Lydia H. Soules, the sum of $100.00 each, five years after their grandfather's death. Similarly, William requested that Walter was to support his two younger sisters, Amelia and Clarry Cell Soules and provide for their education, and upon their attaining the age of twenty-one, or marrying (which ever came first) they were each to receive a similar payment of $100.00.


Information from Greg Stott

Note on Wife: Nancy WILSON - shared note

Nancy had been married previously, and her maiden name was Shared. She was also called "Widow Philips".


Information from Greg Stott


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