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Family of John Whitmore CARMAN and Catherine E. GOODMAN

Husband: John Whitmore CARMAN (1850-1903)
Wife: Catherine E. GOODMAN (1855-1927)
Children: Mary Esther CARMAN (1880-1959)
Anna CARMAN (1882-1914)
Josephine CARMAN (1884-1980)
Catherine CARMAN (1886-1950)
Leah Lettie' CARMAN (1888-1954)
Julius L.Jules CARMAN (1890-1974)
Marriage 18 Oct 1876 Chicago, Ill. 1

Husband: John Whitmore CARMAN

Name: John Whitmore CARMAN 1
Sex: Male
Father: William CARMAN (1809-1863)
Mother: Mary Ann DAVISON (1809-1891)
Birth 22 Jan 1850 New York 1
Death 18 Mar 1903 (age 53) Omaha, Neb. 1

Wife: Catherine E. GOODMAN

Name: Catherine E. GOODMAN 1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1 Nov 1855 Arlington Heights, Cook, Illinois, USA 1
Death 4 Apr 1927 (age 71) Whoo, Saunders Co. Neb 1

Child 1: Mary Esther CARMAN

Name: Mary Esther CARMAN 1
Sex: Female
Birth 25 Jan 1880 Chicago Cook Co. Ill 1
Death 12 Jan 1959 (age 78) St. Louis, Missourii 1

Child 2: Anna CARMAN

Name: Anna CARMAN 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Fred J. Nestle BUSCH (1830-1939)
Birth 1882 Chicago Cook Co. Ill 1
Death 28 Sep 1914 (age 31-32) Omaha, Douglas Co, Neb 1

Child 3: Josephine CARMAN

Name: Josephine CARMAN 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Claude William GILLIAM (1881-1964)
Birth 14 May 1884 Chicago Cook Co. Ill 1
Death 16 Mar 1980 (age 95) Redmond, Washinton 1

Child 4: Catherine CARMAN

Name: Catherine CARMAN 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Unknown COWAN ( - )
Birth 21 May 1886 Chicago Cook Co. Ill 1
Death 1950 (age 63-64) Los Angles, Calif 1

Child 5: Leah Lettie' CARMAN

Name: Leah Lettie' CARMAN 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Elmer G. RISK ( - )
Birth 1 Jul 1888 Chicago Cook Co. Ill 1
Death 9 Jan 1954 (age 65) Omaha, Douglas Co, Neb 1

Child 6: Julius L.Jules CARMAN

Name: Julius L.Jules CARMAN 1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Olive PALMER ( - )
Birth 5 Jul 1890 Chicago Cook Co. Ill 1
Death Feb 1974 (age 83) Mesa Arizona 1

Note on Husband: John Whitmore CARMAN - shared note

[William Carman.FTW]


Whitman was Bookkeeper, They started out in Chilcago Ill. 1881 to 1893, then they moved on to Omaha Neb and stayed there until Whitman died then the rest of family members moved on to Whoo. Neb.

Information about death records_Forest Lawn Cemetery, he was 54 years, 1mo. and 26day. he was born in New York, His last residence 2420 Charles Street, Omaha Neb. The date was March 18-1904, He was laid to rest March, 20, 1904 at 2p.m.

Who owned the lot ? His brother in-law.....R,S. Wilcox..--Services Maul-Davis co. Lot 420 section 10. and it only cost them $7.00.

Note on Wife: Catherine E. GOODMAN - shared note

[William Carman.FTW]


Catherine and her family lived in Arlinton Ill. then her family moved to Chicago, Ill. I don't know who hesr parents are. She was buried with her husband in Forset Lawn Cemetery, Omaha, Neb. She was 71 yrs.3mos5 days in Wahoo, Neb. she was a Widow.,Retired and a housewife She died April, 4 1927 at 3p.m. He nearest relative was Mrs. Elmer Risk her daughter. Brailey-Dorrance were the undertakers It was on Lot 420 seaction 10. For her it cost $10.00, She was also Baptisted in Chicago Cook Co Ill, at the Presbterian Church.

There is a burial Premit sigmed by. Edw I Bigarstaff.

Mrs Catherine E. Carman was born November 1, 1855, at Arlington Heights, Illinois and died at Wahhoo, Nebraska at 10:40 a.m., April 4, 1927 71 years, 5 months and four days. Mrs. Ccarman lived at Arlington Heights until the age of five, when she moved with her parents to chicago.

She was was united in marriage to W.E. Carman, October 18, 1876, at Chicago, where they resided until 1893 when they came to Omaha, living there until the death of her husband, March 18, 1903. In April, 1916 she came to Wahoo, where she resided until Her death.

Mrs Carm is survived by five children; Mrs. C,W. Gilliam of Yakima, Wash,: Mrs. C. Cowan of Los,

Angeles, Calif. J.L. Carman of Newark, N.J. Esther Carman amd Mrs Elmer Risk of Wahoo, Besides these there are five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

As a child Mrs. Carman was baptized and confirmed into the Protestant Episcopal Church, of Chicago. Upon coming to Omaha she became active and devoted member of the Church of the Good Shepherd. It was in that communion that her spiritual life was nurtured and came to its greatest completion, and she ever spoke of appreciatioon. The church had a big place in her life and many of her best energies were given to it.

About a year ago Mrs. carman's health began to fail, but it was not until about ten weeks ago that her condition became critical. Through it all she bore herself with rare fortitude and heroism. No word of complaint ever escaped her lips. Even in the final ordeals of her life she exhibited a beautiful spirit of cheerfulness, which was but the fruit of her faith Christian resignatioon

Those who crossed the threshold into the sacred intricacies of the home knew with what womanly grace she presided at the hearthstone, but only her children know how beautifully she bore the dear name of Mother. Her Memory will be to them as a shining light all down the pathway of the years, like the noble women in the Proverbs. " Strength and honor are clothing; and she shall rejoice to come. She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness; she taketh well to the ways of her husband; and eateth not the bread of idleness. Her children rise up and call her blessed.

Funeral services were held from the home at two o'clock Wednesday afternnoon and the remains were laid to rest in Forest Lawn Cemetery., Omaha.


Card of Thanks

We wish to extend our thanks for the

Kindness shown and the beautiful Floral

tributes given during the illness and deadth

0f our dear Mother.


Esther Carman

J.L. Carman

Mrs. L.A. White

Mrs. E.G. Risk

and Family's Whoo Wasp

Whoo, Nebraska

front page col. 5

April, 7, 1927


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