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John CARMAN's other family: with Sarah A. WATSON (1853-1926)

Family of John W CARMAN and Ladia VANDERENTER

Husband: John W CARMAN (1841-1898)
Wife: Ladia VANDERENTER (1841-1874)
Children: Eugene C CARMAN (1864-1930)
Lillian Marcia CARMAN (1871-1947)
Marriage 23 Jun 1863 Janesvile, Rock co, Wisconsin 1

Husband: John W CARMAN

Name: John W CARMAN 1
Sex: Male
Father: William CARMAN (1809-1863)
Mother: Mary Ann DAVISON (1809-1891)
Birth 10 Apr 1841 Steuben co. New York 1
Death 25 Apr 1898 (age 57) Leavenworth, Kansas 1


Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1841 1
Death 21 May 1874 (age 32-33) Janesville Rock Co. Wisconsing 1

Child 1: Eugene C CARMAN

Name: Eugene C CARMAN 1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Effie May KLESE (1870-1951)
Birth 26 Feb 1864 Janesville Rock Co. Wisconsin 1
Death 29 Apr 1930 (age 66) Bartlesville Okla. 1

Child 2: Lillian Marcia CARMAN

Name: Lillian Marcia CARMAN 1
Sex: Female
Birth 1871 Janesville Rock Co. Wisconsin 1
Death 25 Feb 1947 (age 75-76) Bartlesville Okla. 1

Note on Husband: John W CARMAN - shared note

[William Carman.FTW]


John Carman did not travel on the trek to Wisconsin with his family . Butstay on in New York state..Why he didn't go I have been unable to find out Why but got no answer...The Civil Wars was starting to brew

and he enlisted on 17 May, 1861 at New York City. He was a Sargant in Capt. Micah J. Kelly and Comp C.

17th Regiment of New York Vols.He was shot in the leg at Fredericksburg on 13 Dec. 1863.

He reenlisted 23 Aug, 1864 for 3 years as a substitue for Warren S. Hodgeman,

In between these periods of being in the service, He had asked for a furlough to go to Wisconsin..A typedscript of the Letter in the files of the Milton Historical Society: A copy of letter followes


"To all whom it may concern

Headquarters 17th Regt. N.Y. Vols

November 28th 1862


The Bearer hereof, John Carman, a Sergeant of Captain Micah J. Kelly and Company C. 17th Regiment of New York Vols.' Aged 21 years, Five feel, six inches high, Complexion Fair, Eyes Blue, Hair Brown and by Profession a Painter, born in the County of Steuben, New York, and enlisted at New York City, in the State of New York, on the 17th day of May, Eighteen Hundred and sixty one, to serve for thes period of Two years, is hereby permitted to go (to) Milton in Rock County, State of Wisconsin, he having received a Furlough from the Twentyk Eight day of NOvember 1862 to the Thirteenth day of December 1862, at which period he will rejoin his Company or Regiment near Flamouth, Virginia or wherever it the may be, or be considered a Deserter


Given under my hand, near Falmouth Virginia, this

twenty eight day of November ,1862.


M.J. Kelly (signed)


Cpmdg. Co. C 17th N.Y.


Apparently it is the "chain of Command" which the furlough letter from Capt. Kelly had to follow. the request for Carman's furlough was approved by Kelly in the letter I have. It was approved along the chain of command until it got to the last man whose name I think is Daniel Butterfield. Then the final dissaprovalcame through the Headquarters of General Hooker and was signed by --------Dickinson.


At one point in the section signed by Butterfield he says "...My sympathies are with the

h the individual my duties with the country --His also- not recommened.


2 pictures and the letter of Carmans were sent to the Milton Historical Society, by one Richard P. Earle of Beloit, Wisconsin.. I have contacted them all to no avail.. I wonder how he got them, no trace as kin, as of this time.

I don't know what the emergence was but..I do know he lost his first wife shortly after he go out of the millitary..He was a painter by trade, he painted Carriages with all kinds of delicate designs on them. He lived in Chicago Ill for awhile for this the best place for his trade..But soon his eyes sight began to fade and for that bussiness he needed good eyesight...It was then he moved to Janesville Wisc. to be near family.


John was a painter by trade what he liked to do and was a expert was painting and triming Carriage's. He was married twice the little I can find out about his Frist wife was she was sickley. and she stayed with John's mother. while he was in service. But he lived in Chicago after the Civil War. He had brother's and sister's living there..His 2nd wife Sarah Watson was with him in chicago. But in the later life he began to show the rigers of the War on his body, his eye sigh began to fade..So did his abilitly to paint his small line and Flowers on the Carragies. So they went thru the goverment and he was placed in the Soldiers Home, in Leavenworth, Kansas. His children by his 1st wife went with him and settled in Bartlesville, Okla. Made there lives commitments there. John died in the Home for veternes in 1898. Sarah lived on Johns Miltary Money and his only dau also recieved the same penchion.after Sarah death.


Sources of Information

Family Bible

Cencus Records thru out the years, plus local Cenuse

Transcript of the letter in the files of the Milton House, Historcal Soc. In Milton Wisc.

Wital Records in Jefferson Co. Court House, Jefferson ,. Wis.

Civil War Records National Archives, Washington, D.C.

Marriage Cert of John and Sarah

Death Cert of Sarah..


1"William Carman.FTW". Text From Source: Date of Import: Aug 19, 2000


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