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Eugene CARMAN's sister: Lillian Marcia CARMAN (1871-1947)

Family of Eugene C CARMAN and Effie May KLESE

Husband: Eugene C CARMAN (1864-1930)
Wife: Effie May KLESE (1870-1951)
Children: Ralph K CARMAN (1894-1930)
Ruth CARMAN (1896-1972)
Margaret CARMAN (1898-1972)
Marriage 5 Jan 1891 Kansas City Missouri 1

Husband: Eugene C CARMAN

Name: Eugene C CARMAN 1
Sex: Male
Father: John W CARMAN (1841-1898)
Mother: Ladia VANDERENTER (1841-1874)
Birth 26 Feb 1864 Janesville Rock Co. Wisconsin 1
Death 29 Apr 1930 (age 66) Bartlesville Okla. 1

Wife: Effie May KLESE

Name: Effie May KLESE 1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 24 Sep 1870 Blact, Kanass 1
Death 24 Jul 1951 (age 80) Bartlesville Okla. 1

Child 1: Ralph K CARMAN

Name: Ralph K CARMAN 1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ruth HACKMAN ( - )
Birth 1894 Kansas City Mo. 1
Death 29 Apr 1930 (age 35-36) Bartlesville Okla. 1

Child 2: Ruth CARMAN

Name: Ruth CARMAN 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: F. Marshall OLSON ( - )
Birth 1896 Kansas City Mo. 1
Death 1972 (age 75-76) Castro, Valley, Californian 1

Child 3: Margaret CARMAN

Name: Margaret CARMAN 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Lloyd M. REUDY (1889-1974)
Birth 28 Nov 1898 Kanasa City Mo. 1
Death 8 Feb 1972 (age 73) Bartlesville Okla. 1

Note on Husband: Eugene C CARMAN - shared note

[William Carman.FTW]


Mr. E.C. Carman came to Bartlesville in fall of 1899, and with Mr. Rankin established the store known as "Carman and Rankin", the first exclusive dry goods store in Bartlesville. His family came in 1900 from Kansas City. Later Mr. Rakin returned to Kansas city and Mr. Carman established the first exclusive Shoe Store here in Bartlesville. This store remained in the Carman family until about 1960.

Mr. Carman and Effie May Kleses, an early school teacher of Kansas were married on January 5, 1891. All Three of their children were born in Kansas before the family came to Bartlesville. The family came on the train in 1900 and settled on 421 South Dewey, where they continued to live throught the life of Mr. Carman who was known far and wide as "CARMAN THE SHOE MAN,' The oldest son, Ralph 1894-1969 grew up attended school then went into the shoe business with his father. He continued in this shoe store business until 1960 when he sold out and the name of the shoe store was changed to Crum Shoe Store. A daughter Ruth was born in 1896 married F. Marshall Olsen. Another daughter, Margaret Carman 1898-1972 married Lloyd M. Reudy. Ralph and his wife, Ruth Hackman had two daughters.

Mr. Eugene C. Carman died on 29 April, 1930 while playing Golf. He was buried iln Memorial Park, The entire down town area was closed during the Funeral Hours in his honor. He was a member of almost every Club and Organization there was here.

Source of information.

See 67-117-7pg.F#3a; and Weekly Examiner 26 Dec. 1903(aminated copy in Black Cabinet file}



Business Houses closed from 2:30 to 3:30 as Business Men Attended last Rites for Pioneer Merchants.


Business was supended in downtown area today so that the business men could attend the Funeral of E.C. Carman who had been on of their number for the past thrity years. The hour's cessation was a sincere tribute to the regard in which the deceased merchant was held by those who were associated with him in the daily bussiness life.

Services were held at the First Presbyterian church at 2:30 o"clock and the entire downstairs was reserved for the intimate friends of the family and the representative of the organizations which attended in a body. These included the Masons, Eatesrn Star, White Shrine, Knight's Templar, Rotarlains and DeMolays. Mr. Carman had beena prominent member of each of these and the first "daddy" of DeMolay boys in Bartlesville. Dr. Mills M. Anderson pastor of the First Methodist church, conduoted the services at the church.

Masons held their burial service at the grave at Memorial Park where Christian Sciense servius were also conducted.

Mr. Carman's daughter, Mrs. F. Marshall Olson and Mr. Olson and their two children also his sister, Miss Marcia Carman arrived yesterday from Chicago. All of the members of the immediate family who include Mrs. Carman, Mr and Mrs. Ralph Carman, and daughter, Mr. and Mrs Lloyd M. Raudy, Mr. and Mrs. Olson and children and Miss Carman were here for the services.


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