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Family of Reuben William DRAKE and Eve E MILLER

Husband: Reuben William DRAKE (1862-aft1900)
Wife: Eve E MILLER (1865-aft1900)
Children: Alena R DRAKE (1882- )
Calvin DRAKE (1886- )
Charles R. DRAKE (1888- )
Frank W. DRAKE (1891- )
Susan M. DRAKE (1892- )
Gail E. DRAKE (1894- )
John Mellick DRAKE (1897- )
Marriage btw 1881 and 1882 Wisconsin, USA

Husband: Reuben William DRAKE

Name: Reuben William DRAKE 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: John Mellick DRAKE (1827-1907)
Mother: Susanna STORTS (1833-1918)
Birth Jan 1862 Wisconsin 3,4
Death aft 1900 (age 37-38)

Wife: Eve E MILLER

Name: Eve E MILLER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Aug 1865 Wisconsin 4,5
Death aft 1900 (age 34-35)

Child 1: Alena R DRAKE

Name: Alena R DRAKE
Sex: Female
Birth Dec 1882 4

Child 2: Calvin DRAKE

Name: Calvin DRAKE
Sex: Male
Birth Jun 1886 4

Child 3: Charles R. DRAKE

Name: Charles R. DRAKE
Sex: Male
Birth Oct 1888 4

Child 4: Frank W. DRAKE

Name: Frank W. DRAKE
Sex: Male
Birth Jul 1891 4

Child 5: Susan M. DRAKE

Name: Susan M. DRAKE
Sex: Female
Birth Apr 1892 4

Child 6: Gail E. DRAKE

Name: Gail E. DRAKE
Sex: Female
Birth Jan 1894 4

Child 7: John Mellick DRAKE

Name: John Mellick DRAKE 6
Sex: Male
Birth Jan 1897 4

Note on Husband: Reuben William DRAKE - shared note

Source of "William" as middle name for Reuben was Rand Drake. Email address:

Rand is descended from Ralph Drake via his son, John Mellick>Reuben William>John Mellick> Rand's father.


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Text From Source: My ggg grandfather John Mellick Drake had a son named Reuben William Drake that married Eva Miller.
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Text From Source: ggg grandfather John Mellick Drake had a son named Reuben William. Reuben named his son John Mellick also.


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