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Family of John Mellick DRAKE and Susanna STORTS

Husband: John Mellick DRAKE (1827-1907)
Wife: Susanna STORTS (1833-1918)
Children: Mary Catherine DRAKE (1851-1895)
Emoline DRAKE (1852-1933)
Barbay A. DRAKE (1855- )
Jeremiah Clark DRAKE (1857-aft1900)
Josephine DRAKE (1859- )
Reuben William DRAKE (1862-aft1900)
Ida Jane DRAKE (1864?-1876)
Cora Ellen DRAKE (1867-1910)
Frank DRAKE (1871-bef1880)
Marriage 16 Apr 1850 Perry Co., Ohio 1

Husband: John Mellick DRAKE

Name: John Mellick DRAKE 2
Sex: Male
Father: Ralph DRAKE (1797-1872)
Mother: Catherine HUSSELTON (1796-1873)
Birth 22 Jul 1827 Pennsylvania 3,4
Burial 1907 (age 79-80) Pleasant Mound Cemetery
Death 1 Nov 1907 (age 80) Marietta, Crawford, Wisconsin 5

Additional Information

Burial Crawford, WI

Wife: Susanna STORTS

Name: Susanna STORTS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 22 Nov 1833 Perry, Ohio 4,6,7,8
Burial 1918 (age 84-85) Pleasant Mound Cemetery
Death 1918 (age 84-85) Crawford Co., Wisconsin

Additional Information

Burial Crawford, WI

Child 1: Mary Catherine DRAKE

Name: Mary Catherine DRAKE 2,9
Sex: Female
Spouse: Wilson SHOCKLEY (1843- )
Birth 2 Feb 1851 Perry, Ohio 10
Death 31 Dec 1895 (age 44) Crawford County, Wisconsin 1

Child 2: Emoline DRAKE

Name: Emoline DRAKE 9
Sex: Female
Spouse: William Guthrie REYNOLDS (1848-1933)
Birth 17 Sep 1852 Perry, Ohio 1,4
Burial 14 Jan 1933 (age 80) Boscobel Cemetery
Death 12 Jan 1933 (age 80) Boscobel, Crawford Co., Wisconsin

Additional Information

Burial Grant Co., Wis.

Child 3: Barbay A. DRAKE

Name: Barbay A. DRAKE 9
Sex: Female
Spouse: Unknown NUTTER? ( - )
Birth 1855 Adair, Missouri, USA 1,4

Child 4: Jeremiah Clark DRAKE

Name: Jeremiah Clark DRAKE 9
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rebecca UNKNOWN (1864-1905)
Birth Feb 1857 Adair, Missouri 4,11
Death aft 1900 (age 42-43)

Child 5: Josephine DRAKE

Name: Josephine DRAKE 9
Sex: Female
Spouse: Unknown STEELE? ( - )
Birth 1859 Adair, Missouri 4

Child 6: Reuben William DRAKE

Name: Reuben William DRAKE 1,12
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eve E MILLER (1865-aft1900)
Birth Jan 1862 Wisconsin 13,14
Death aft 1900 (age 37-38)

Child 7: Ida Jane DRAKE

Name: Ida Jane DRAKE
Sex: Female
Birth 21 Sep 1864 (app) Wisconsin 1
Burial 1876 (age 11-12) Boscobel Cemetery
Death 13 Jan 1876 (age 11) Boscobel Cem., Grant Co., Wis. 1

Additional Information

Burial Grant Co., Wis.

Child 8: Cora Ellen DRAKE

Name: Cora Ellen DRAKE 1,12
Sex: Female
Spouse: George Washington REYNOLDS (1867-1935)
Birth 2 May 1867 Wisconsin 1
Death 2 Jul 1910 (age 43) Boscobel, Grant County, Wisconsin 1

Child 9: Frank DRAKE

Name: Frank DRAKE 1
Sex: Male
Birth 1871 Wisconsin, USA 1
Death bef 1880 (age 8-9) Wisconsin, USA 1

Note on Husband: John Mellick DRAKE - shared note

When John and Susannah were living in Adair County, Missouri (in the late 1850's and early 1860's) there was an unlawful gang called "Quantrill and his Raiders" terrorizing local people and forcing young men to join their gang. The Drake family was on the watch for this gang and made preparations ahead of time, hiding a packed wagon in the woods, in case the gang came in their direction. One evening as they sat down to supper, word came that the gang was approaching. Without stopping to eat, they got in the wagon and left, traveling all night so they wouldn't be followed. They had a long, slow journey through Illinois to finally settle in the Boscobel area of Wisconsin.


Excerpted from: "The Reynolds Family History" by

Deborah J. Reynolds Biesemeier page 71.

(a history of the Reynolds/McCord/Drake families)


This report was sent to me by Dale Jones.


Tombstone names parents as Ralph (Drake) and Mary Huseletons. Correct name for mother was Catherine Husselton. (?possibly her middle name was Mary?)

Note on Wife: Susanna STORTS - shared note

Susannah's maiden name variously spelled. Sometimes given as Stotts, sometimes as Storts. Other variations on the family name have been Sturtz, Stortz, etc.


Tombstone inscription gives birth date as 1833. Other sources gave 1834.


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