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Family of William Lee Britton DUNHAM and Margaret Rebecca PATRIDGE

Husband: William Lee Britton DUNHAM (1829-1900)
Wife: Margaret Rebecca PATRIDGE (aft1817-bef1930)
Children: Asa P. DUNHAM (aft1849-1861)
Almon DUNHAM (1852-1937)
Elizabeth DUNHAM (1854-bef1948)
Paul DUNHAM (1862-bef1953)
Amelia DUNHAM (1865-bef1959)
William DUNHAM (1867-bef1958)
Margaret DUNHAM (1869-bef1963)
Marcella DUNHAM (1871-bef1965)
Marriage 15 Mar 1852 Grafton, NY

Husband: William Lee Britton DUNHAM

Name: William Lee Britton DUNHAM
Sex: Male
Father: William Lee Britton DUNHAM (1802-1874)
Mother: Hanah ALLEN (aft1790-bef1905)
Birth 30 Jan 1829 NY
Death 26 Jun 1900 (age 71) Lansing, MI

Wife: Margaret Rebecca PATRIDGE

Name: Margaret Rebecca PATRIDGE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth btw 1817 and 1841
Death btw 1873 and 1930 (age 31-113) NY

Child 1: Asa P. DUNHAM

Name: Asa P. DUNHAM
Sex: Male
Birth btw 1849 and 1860
Death 27 Jul 1861 (age 0-12)

Child 2: Almon DUNHAM

Name: Almon DUNHAM
Sex: Male
Spouse: Catharine GUNDERMAN (aft1837-bef1951)
Birth 12 Sep 1852 New York
Fact 1 See Note Page
Death 1937 (age 84-85) Evergreen Hills Cemetery, Vanderbilt, Mich.

Child 3: Elizabeth DUNHAM

Name: Elizabeth DUNHAM
Sex: Female
Spouse: Jacob CONKLIN (1853-bef1944)
Birth 24 Mar 1854
Death btw 1880 and 1948 (age 25-94)

Child 4: Paul DUNHAM

Name: Paul DUNHAM
Sex: Male
Spouse: Alice A. GREGORY (1863-bef1957)
Birth 9 Jul 1862
Death btw 1888 and 1953 (age 25-91)

Child 5: Amelia DUNHAM

Name: Amelia DUNHAM
Sex: Female
Spouse: Milton SMITH (1861-bef1952)
Birth 12 Jul 1865
Death btw 1892 and 1959 (age 26-94)

Child 6: William DUNHAM

Name: William DUNHAM
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ola B. WHALEY (aft1850-bef1963)
Birth 22 Aug 1867
Death btw 1893 and 1958 (age 25-91)

Child 7: Margaret DUNHAM

Name: Margaret DUNHAM
Sex: Female
Spouse: Ephram ANNABLE (aft1844-bef1957)
Birth 27 Aug 1869
Death btw 1895 and 1963 (age 25-94)

Child 8: Marcella DUNHAM

Name: Marcella DUNHAM
Sex: Female
Birth 19 Oct 1871
Death btw 1872 and 1965 (age 0-94)

Note on Husband: William Lee Britton DUNHAM - shared note

He was a born in Grafton, NY in 1830, and came to Michigan in 1851. He had lived in Lansing for the past seven years. During which time he had been engaged in the hardware business.


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