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Family of Almon DUNHAM and Catharine GUNDERMAN

Husband: Almon DUNHAM (1852-1937)
Wife: Catharine GUNDERMAN (aft1837-bef1951)
Children: Glenna Jean DUNHAM (aft1868-1962)
Edward William DUNHAM (aft1873-bef1981)
Hazael DUNHAM (aft1873-bef1984)
Archie DUNHAM (aft1873-bef1981)
Ernest Deward DUNHAM (1877-1959)
Lula DUNHAM (1888-bef1982)
Marriage 3 Jul 1874

Husband: Almon DUNHAM

Name: Almon DUNHAM
Sex: Male
Father: William Lee Britton DUNHAM (1829-1900)
Mother: Margaret Rebecca PATRIDGE (aft1817-bef1930)
Birth 12 Sep 1852 New York
Fact 1 See Note Page
Death 1937 (age 84-85) Evergreen Hills Cemetery, Vanderbilt, Mich.

Wife: Catharine GUNDERMAN

Name: Catharine GUNDERMAN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth btw 1837 and 1862
Death btw 1891 and 1951 (age 28-114)

Child 1: Glenna Jean DUNHAM

Name: Glenna Jean DUNHAM
Sex: Female
Spouse: Silas Almon WHEELER (1878-1979)
Birth btw 1868 and 1886
Death 28 Jan 1962 (age 75-94) Los angles , Calf

Child 2: Edward William DUNHAM

Name: Edward William DUNHAM
Sex: Male
Birth btw 1873 and 1902
Death btw 1879 and 1981 (age -24-108 (!))

Child 3: Hazael DUNHAM

Name: Hazael DUNHAM
Sex: Female
Birth btw 1873 and 1902
Death btw 1878 and 1984 (age -25-111 (!))

Child 4: Archie DUNHAM

Name: Archie DUNHAM
Sex: Male
Birth btw 1873 and 1902
Death btw 1879 and 1981 (age -24-108 (!))

Child 5: Ernest Deward DUNHAM

Name: Ernest Deward DUNHAM
Sex: Male
Spouse: Anna Bell LAFAVE (1881-bef1975)
Birth 21 Nov 1877
Fact 1 See Note Page
Death 19 Jul 1959 (age 81)

Child 6: Lula DUNHAM

Name: Lula DUNHAM
Sex: Female
Spouse: Reuben CLARK (aft1864-bef1976)
Birth 1888
Death btw 1916 and 1982 (age 27-94)

Note on Husband: Almon DUNHAM - shared note

He Was a Farmer. in Wilmont 1920 at which time he owe a morgage. He was able to read and write. He was still working in 1919 for himself as a farmer.He lived with his daughter Lula a clark .


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Alt. Born September 12, 1852


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